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Patrick Perlstone


Oil, Ink, Gold and Silver Leaf


Mixed Media on canvas, stretched and ready to hang

Signed on the front

A painting hung at Watter's Gallery in East Sydney for unsigned artists back in 2016. The piece stems from an original pen and ink drawing , which evolved into a copper plate etching and then this piece. It is kind of a time travel machine with references to steam punk and biomorphic contraptions. There are references to Dr Zuess' contraptions in much of the work that I created around this time. Another refernce is to the Tower of Babel story and indeed the original drawing is called Portable Babel.
I started with an ink wash and then began adding 24 Carat gold and sterling silver leaf sections to laid down size. The oil was the last paint layers to be added.

#Surreal, #Steampunk, #Oil and Mixed Media, #Gold and Silver Leaf
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