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Paul Robertson


Watercolours on high cotton yield expensive paper that was expensive and also cost a lot.


watercolours… on high-cotton yield 300gsm paper.
by Paul in Perth Western Australia.
Tis of my friend and ex Kylie, who rules.
This piece is part of a diptych (did I put the ‘y’ in the right place?)
The other one is next on the bluethumb gallery

The song that sang the title, (um I wrote it)
I have never got my shit together enough to record
oh well.
yeah. oh well.
_You nail my guitar to the bedroom wall
You lick your lips promise me more
Take my nail polish, go out to score
But I can’t, I won’t help anymore.
That final appointment waiting in line
A scar on the flesh of your inner thigh,
A casual promise and a white lie
Where the old bridge splits the hot night sky
Our little deaths
Holding your breath
I’ll always be less
Always a mess
Ill never confess
To the cuts on my flesh
Or the tears on your dress
Are all we have left
You carry the heat all bloody and keen
Hot with this fever since you were 15
Stones you’ve kept for each lie you have been
Blame your green eyes, for what they have seen
We kissed on the beach last Halloween.
And now we’ll never forget the shit we have seen
The hell in the wall the gorgeous machine
The tiny mad children that we have both been


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#beauty, #awkward, #love, #stillness, #need, #painting, #watercolor, #watercolour, #Master
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