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Pauline Bailey

Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

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Acrylic, charcoal and collage on canvas


Claypots 1 St Kilda is part of a series of works which focuses on buildings, pubs and shopfronts in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. Mixed media on canvas, 75 x 60cm. (Part of a pair, Claypots 2 St Kilda also available)


#Claypots, #St Kilda, #Melbourne, #Urban, #Landscape, #Urban Landscape, #Painting, #Shopfronts, #Restaurants
Brunswick street strip 1 pauline bailey bluethumb art 9be1.jpg?w=300&h=300&fit=crop& art assets%2fwatermark%2fbt watermarkClaypots 2 st kilda pauline bailey bluethumb art 8b6d.jpg?w=300&h=300&fit=crop& art assets%2fwatermark%2fbt watermarkRichmond station platforms 1 and 2 pauline bailey bluethumb art b4ec.jpg?w=300&h=300&fit=crop& art assets%2fwatermark%2fbt watermarkJob warehouse bourke street pauline bailey bluethumb art 2bbc.jpg?w=300&h=300&fit=crop& art assets%2fwatermark%2fbt watermarkThe old bar fitzroy pauline bailey bluethumb art 4beb.jpg?w=300&h=300&fit=crop& art assets%2fwatermark%2fbt watermarkInner city blues pauline bailey bluethumb art 5aff

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