Although I studied art and design in the last few years of secondary school, I am primarily self taught artist and was obsessed with drawing and art as a young boy.
Encouraged by my family he would draw for hours. His first art exhibition was a Commonwealth Bank coloring competition at aged 8.
The bank provided an image of a man riding an elephant carrying a CBA flag to color but I decided to freehand draw a larger scale image and color it in.
This featured in the local paper after winning a $10 in a new account . ( Don't forget the Plastic elephant money box!)

Many jobs come and go and Children are born, other things take over in my life but the Art somehow returns like a long lost friend.
The current works I am producing are the result of everything Ive seen and learnt in life, until recently I hadn't drawn or painted anything for about 10 years.
The feedback and feeling I have received from starting this next phase has been most enjoyable and unexpected.
I thank you all for looking at my work and supporting the amazing artists here on Bluethumb.

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Studied art and design, sculpture and music for the last 3 years on secondary school


2018 Mission to Seafarers Maritime Art Prize Finalist - "Boy and Beach"


As a young man I loved artists like Salvador Dali , Degas , Escher and Brett Whiteley to name a few.
I'm influenced by art and artists who capture mood , movement and a simple moment with minimal detail.
Constantly Influenced by light shadows patterns that appear in nature , clouds, ocean, plants animals, insects wings- butterflies etc