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Acrylic on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

Signed certificate of authenticity.

This artwork comes with an external frame

Often when we see a black bird we perceive its colour as black. But when the artist takes it as a painting subject, to realise that there is so much more to that black. As funny as it may sound but one ends up using all the shades of blue, turquoise, magenta, purples you have got to actually try to make the bird look BLACK. The black feathers reflect all of the colours of a rainbow.

This piece demonstrates a male red tailed black cockatoo in an action of preening where they make their feathers waterproof and showcases the quiet and peaceful gesture.

The black cockatoo represents the power of spirit come into your life. It could be a strengthening of your own spirit and soul, or a celebration of any spirits or gods that you happen to believe in. Black cockatoo energy tends to be celebratory and can bring about empowerment, happiness and contentment.

Echoing the beautiful words of Frank Lloyd Wright, I believe in God, only I spell it Nature.
This piece is unique in the truest sense for an Australian contemporary art collector with the usage of the best material possible.

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The best quality cotton canvas available in Australia has been used which is Wright and co. polycotton 12 Oz. gallery canvas with deep edge. The highest quality acrylic paints available in Australia and internationally are used which are Golden Acrylic paints. The artwork is framed professionally with black timber deep float frame.

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Stretched and ready to hang

This artwork is currently stretched and ready to hang.

It comes with an external frame.
Framed dimensions - 105.0(W) x 105.0(H).
Artwork dimensions - 101.0(W) x 101.0(H).


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one European roller coloured in teal, blue, black is in flight with full wing stretched across the canvas and has got a bug/insect in the beak. The background is minimum with a burnt Sienna wash.
This painting has square aspect ratio with a vast landscape of snow field with bush and willows and some distant pine tress and mountains. The early morning sun is shining on the snow causing the landscape to shine with golden colours of nature. There are six blue jay birds three males and three females, three of which are in flying position with wings spread out and three are in sitting position together. There is a water body at the base of the creek where they have all gathered together. One of the blue jays which is in flying position is casting a shadow on the snow field. The painting reflects sky colours on the snow which are blue, turquoise,  pink, yellow and purple. 
 Colonies of tens of thousands of pink orange and white flamingo birds on a blue turquoise serene lake in different postures with a beautiful reflection. 

Flamingos devote considerable time to collective displays before, during, and after breeding.
Several hundred to several thousand flamingos are all involved simultaneously with ritualized postures and movements to synchronize breeding.

Sometimes only one display is performed, but more often, a predictable sequence of displays are carried out. Not all flamingo species perform all of the described displays, and some perform the displays slightly different than described. Flamingo displays include the following:

"Head-flag" involves stretching the neck and head up as high as possible, with the bill pointing upwards, and then rhythmically turning the head from one side to the other.
"Wing-salute" is performed by spreading the wings for a few seconds, showing their striking contrasted colors, while the tail is cocked and neck outstretched.
In the "inverted wing-salute", the flamingo angles its head down, cocks its tail, and orients its body so that the tail is higher than the chest. The wings are then held partially open above the back with the black flight feathers pointing up and the bend in the wing pointing down.
"Twist-preen" entails the bird twisting its neck back and appearing to preen quickly, with its bill behind a partly open wing.
"Wing-leg stretch" involves the leg and wing on the same side stretched out and to the rear.
"Marching" is performed by a large group of flamingos that cluster together, stand erect, and then move in quick, synchronized steps in first one direction and then another.
Individual Behavior

Flamingos spend most of the day feeding, preening (distributing oil from a gland at the base of their tail to their feathers for waterproofing), resting, and bathing.

Breeding birds feed day or night. Non-breeding birds feed at night and spend the day sleeping or involved in activities such as preening and bathing.

Flamingos swim readily and bathe in shallow fresh water, submerging the whole body.
Many Japanese oriental cranes flying or taking off from the ground together in synchronised fashion from left to right against the background of distant forest at early dawn time. The colour pallet of the painting is black and white and red cranes against a teal green yellow misty background.
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