All of my paintings are about joy!
I love capturing happiness and adding colour to people's lives through creating art.
My art is lively‚ dynamic and all about freedom.
I started painting at 15 to cope with some difficult struggles in my life. It really added colour to my world which was so dark at the time.
Now at 22 I create art to remind people that life is filled with colour and beauty!
A child said to me once 'Your paintings remind me of laughter"
And that's exactly what they are for!

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2010 - Capturing Compassion
A collection of works used to stir compassion & kindness for women experiencing adversity.
With the aim to spread colour and hope into people's lives.
40% of the proceeds of works went to NSW Women's Refuge Movement

2011 - Works of heART
An group exhibition exploring the personal and deep connection that art can create with people. Using artwork to more create awareness of happiness & joy!

61cm (W) x 91.5cm (H)
Mixed Media
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