I am an independent sth coast of nsw artist. I’ve always created in various forms from drawing & painting to collage‚ assemblage & crafts.
Studying at the University of Wollongong‚ I graduated my Bachelor of Creative Arts & Graduate Diploma of Education with distinctions. i work with inks‚ pen‚ acrylics‚ oils & collage.
My pieces are infused with assorted themes including Mexican folk art‚ tattoo & body art designs‚ rockabilly kitsch symbolism and in particular the dark ‘left of centre’ themes.

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University of Wollongong- Bachelor of creative arts (painting)
Graduate diploma of High school education


•Graduate exhibition at the University of Wollongong The Long Gallery‚ 2000 (sold out)
•Solo exhibition “Orchids” at More than coffee café‚ Nowra‚ 2004
•Collaborative show for Artfest 2009‚ Mettle Gallery Milton
•Solo exhibition for Artfest 2010 “Honour Skull” at All Buffed Up beautician‚ Ulladulla.
•Photos & Art Gallery‚ 2009-2010‚Culburra
•Coast Gallery‚ 2009‚ Milton
•Ashiki Gifts & Gallery‚ 2010-present‚ Ulladulla
•Solo exhibition for Artfest 2012 “Octopoda Girls” at Ashiki Gifts & Gallery‚ Ulladulla
Group exhibition 2012 \"Eight Shades of Red\" Alley Gallery‚ Ulladulla (& planned for tour)
Solo exhibition 2013 \"imPALEd\" at Zodiac Tattoos‚ Ulladulla


Purple Skin Magazine- front cover & feature articles‚ issue 1- 2012 & future exhibition features issue 3‚ 2013.


Mexican folk art‚ tattoo & body art designs‚ rockabilly kitsch symbolism‚ low-brow art‚ Japanese Kawaii.
Gary Baseman‚ Ray Caesar‚ Mark Ryden‚ Tara McPherson‚ Audrey Kawasaki‚ Camilla d\'Errico‚ Ciou‚ Kukula

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