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By Rodney Black

Northern Beaches Sydney, Australia

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A stay in Melbourne would not be complete until walking among the cities English Elm trees. Strolling beside Elms on a white-sky winters day feels dramatic and there are many beautiful parks to choose from close to the city.

This artwork could add a touch of drama to any room and the feature colours, red and yellow, have been selected for a yin and yang force against the natural beauty of the dormant trees.

This painting was inspired by a photograph I took in the Fitzroy Gardens when I was 15 - it forms part of my grey tone series. I recently revisited the gardens, and after spending many hours on painting the pathway in this artwork, I noticed that the lamp posts and gutters featured in my artwork have been replaced. It seems 1960s modern neon is out, and Victorian carriage case lights with bricks for gutters is in.


Melbourne, Victoria, Red, Yellow, Brown, Black, White, Elms, Elm Tree, English, English elm trees, dramatic, winter, parks, park bench, lamp, lamp post, lamp posts, Fitzroy Gardens, gutter, street, path, grey tone, gardens, wheel barrow, garden bed, pedestarins, walking, stroll, drama, yin and yang, dormant, branches, archway, trees, people