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By Rodney Black

Northern Beaches Sydney, Australia

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Catching a wave or playing stick with the dog, both bring harmony and relaxation to daily life. And to this I like to add the simple phrase “to each their own”.

This artwork was inspired by each subject being very happy in their own world, but at the same time they are completely in harmony with their surroundings and each other. This large artwork could bring harmony to a lounge room with its blue, yellow and green colours.

I was interested to find that the modern wording for the expression first appeared in 1713. (source:


Alsatian, German Shepherd, surfer, surfing, surf board, beach, yellow flowers, North Narrabeen, NSW, sport, stick, fence, blue sky, grass, sand, sand dune, wet suit, female surfer, Australia, dog, playing, relaxing, green bushes, harmony, environment, beach home