For as long as she can remember Ruth has had a burning desire to make, stitch, draw and capture. On any given day there are a million ideas floating in her mind, so that the challenge is not so much to find inspiration, but rather, to decide which idea to run with next.

Oh, the other challenge is not to let the ‘making’ take over her life at home. Ruth is stay-at-home mum to six young children so she is never short on models and inspiration! Life is busy, but Ruth has this to say about why she continues to make art:
“I love to enjoy and capture the wonder of small children discovering this awesome world. Observing small children notice budding flowers, snail trails, ripening fruit, textured leaves, floating bubbles, dripping rain and pencil marks on paper for the first time is a wonderful reminder of just how special these ordinary things are. I hope I can retain some of that wide- eyed wonder myself, and continue to express it in my work.”

Ruth and her family live in the beautiful hills on the southeastern fringes of Perth, in Western Australia. The surrounding gum trees and other native Australian plants form the inspiration for her botanical art.

Ruth hand-dyes much of the fabric she uses for her quilt tops. The art quilts are pieced by machine in a process not too far removed from traditional patchwork techniques. Where a design requires it, Ruth will also incorporate screenprinting, to add texture or tell part of the story. Every artwork is completed with intensive machine stitching to quilt the layers of the piece together, as well as to add interest through texture and embroidered patterns.

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Bachelor of Science (Zoology) / Bachelor of Engineering (Env), The University of Western Australia


solo exhibitions
guest feature artist, Perth Wildflower Festival, Kings Park, 2014
to be a child, Perth and Albany 2012
feature artist, Australian Quilt Convention, 2011
eucalyptus in focus, Perth, 2008

selected juried exhibitions
Quilt National '09 and '15
Art Quilt Australia '15
imagine, at Carrefour Europee du Patchwork '15
Golden Textures ‘15
stitched and bound '14, '12, '10, '08
Australia Wide ’14, ’12, ’10, ‘08
Australia Quilts @ Carrefour Europeen du Patchwork ‘14
Minnawarra Art Award ’13, ‘08
Australian Cotton Fibre Expo ‘13
A Child is Born, Wesley Uniting Church ‘12
Regeneration: Contemporary Quilted Textiles ‘12
Quilt! @ Stanthorpe ‘11
the new quilt '10
saqa creative force '10
Wonders of the World, IQF Houston’10
Expressions – The Wool Quilt Prize ‘08


selected publications
Art Quilt Portfolio: Natural World, edited by Martha Sielman
The Art Quilt Collection: Designs and Inspiration from around the World, introduced by Linda Seward, 2010 p150
1000 Artisan Textiles by Sandra Salamony & Gina M. Brown p228, 229
Quilting Arts Issue 58, 2012, p38
Australian Quilters Companion Issue 57 pp64, 66
Quilting Arts InStitches No. 4, 2011
SAQA Journal Vol. 20 No. 1, 2010 front cover, p8-11
Down Under Quilts Issue 138, 2009, p42-48
Down Under Quilts Issue 137, 2009, p 45, 46, 93
Australian Patchwork and Quilting Vol. 15 No. 12, 2007, p76
Australian Patchwork and Quilting Vol. 16 No. 3 , 2007, p64, 65
Down Under Quilts Issue 93, 2006, February p68
Australian Patchwork and Quilting Vol. 13, 2005 No. 8 p72


Wendy Lugg, Western Australian textile artist
Annemieke Mein, Australian textile artist
Lisbeth Zwerger, illustrator
assorted children's book illustrators

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