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Mixed Media on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

Signed on the front.

This artwork comes with an external frame

Skateboarding at our iconic Belconnen skate park is a popular activity

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Painting Drawing Collage

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Stretched and ready to hang

This artwork is currently stretched and ready to hang.

It comes with an external frame.

Framed dimensions - 123.0(W) x 123.0(H).

Artwork dimensions - 122.0(W) x 122.0(H).

#Skatepark, #skateboarding, #skater, #boys, #ochre, #brown

All art by Sally Dunbar

Countryside landscapes This is from my recent visit to Wagga Wagga . I grew up in Wagga and went back to visit the river I used to swim in on hot afternoons after school. It felt special to visit again and it is such an impressive river lined with big beautiful gum trees. I wanted to capture its beauty and how special it is to me through this artwork.Title: "Vanishing Horizons: A Reflection on Canberra's Changing Landscape"

In my artistic exploration of Canberra's landscape, I am compelled to confront the rapid expansion of urban development encroaching upon the natural world. As the city spreads its architectural footprint, the once vast and pristine wilderness of Canberra diminishes, leaving less and less space for native flora and fauna to thrive.

The ever-expanding skyline of Canberra is a testament to progress, but it also serves as a poignant reminder of the delicate balance between human advancement and environmental preservation. With each new building erected and each new neighborhood established, we witness the gradual disappearance of the natural habitats that once harbored a rich diversity of wildlife.

In particular, the plight of the kangaroos, iconic symbols of Australia's natural heritage, resonates deeply with me. As Canberra's boundaries expand, their roaming grounds diminish, leaving them with fewer places to call home. Where do the kangaroos go amidst this relentless urban sprawl? It's a question that weighs heavily on my conscience as an artist and a steward of the environment.

Through my work, I aim to provoke reflection and dialogue about the consequences of unchecked development on our natural landscapes. I seek to capture the beauty of Canberra's disappearing horizons while also drawing attention to the urgency of preserving what remains of our precious wilderness.

At the end of the day, we must confront the reality that our priorities as a society often prioritize progress over preservation. Yet, it is my hope that by shining a light on the vanishing landscapes of Canberra, we can inspire action and collective efforts to safeguard the beauty and biodiversity of our shared environment for generations to come.This was inspired my artist residency in France at Chateau Orquevaux where I met the Chateau cat Dusty x 🐈
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