Artist & illustrator, BA Dip Ed

The highlight of my artistic life has been working as a designer of silk scarves for the fashion house of Hermès, Paris. To date I have had thirteen designs accepted.
Le Géographe’, my first silk scarf design, was displayed in a number of major exhibitions:

* ‘The Hermès world of Silk', The Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Sept. 1993.
*`The Australian Scarf ', Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney, from Nov. 1993 to Feb. 1994
* ‘Mito e Bellezza’ ‘Myth & Beauty’, Hermès, Lucca & Rome, Italy 2009.

Since then, many of my designs have seen the light in silk, each a labour of love taking months to complete.

Word search on the net under: Sandra Laroche, Hermès, silk scarves.

Well known Australians such as film producer, Peter Weir; cartoonist, Bruce Petty & critic, Maurice Saxby have described my work as eclectic. Perhaps this is due to early years in book illustration, including Ethel Turner’s Classic, “Seven Little Australians”.

Given to pencils & brushes since my very early childhood, my real first awakening started as a young freelance artist in Sydney, working between several advertising agencies by day, & attending evening art classes at East Sydney Tech.

Both worlds, in which I was mentored by extraordinarily gifted people, opened up wonderful chance opportunities.

Encouraged with early success, I soon travelled to Europe, falling under its artistic spell.

Ever since, countless similar forays, essential to my raison d’être, forever feed my designs with endless sources of inspirations translated with watercolour, gouache, pen & ink.

Walter McVitty wrote in 'Authors & Illustrators of Australian Children's Books', Hodder & Stoughton, Sydney, 1990 :

Her strong sense of line and composition, combined with the application of delicate watercolour overlay and in fill, results in pictures, which radiate an appealing and affectionate softness and warmth. Her accurately observed scenes, full of interesting detail, depict robust joyousness and vitality, caught in a mood of relaxed informality, such as one finds in the work of Randolph Caldecott , Thomas Rowlandson and Carl Larsson, artists whose work she admires greatly.
Her talent for full colour illustration can be seen at its best in the superb Lansdowne deluxe edition of Ethel Turner's classic Seven Little Australians and The Snow Rose, an original story written by her husband Michel. She is an equally accomplished black and white artist, as can be seen through the exquisite vignettes drawn for John Pinkney's novel The Key and the Fountain. End of excerpt

Other titles amongst over two dozen books for children illustrated include: Capturing the Golden Bird, Jean Chapman, The Mushroom Feast, Michel Laroche & Aboard Endeavour, Bruce Stannard, launched on the decks of the Endeavour Replica, moored alongside the Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney.

My books have been published in England, U.S.A., France and Japan and exhibited in Australia, Sweden, Italy, France and England including ‘Koalas, Kangaroos and Kookaburras 200 Australian Children's Books and Illustrations 1857-1988' Robert Holden,1988.

Art to me is a broad palette of imagination ,emotion, reality, delight, precision, linear form, detail, stillness, whimsy, bold & delicate strokes ….

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