I began my art experience when I was a child, but didn't really get a chance to develop it. Life took over, I became a nurse, married and had children. Even though I knew that I had a strong creative side I didn't allow it to develop it until I retired from my nursing career in 2016. Since then, all I do is paint! Its as if the suppressed creative creature has been let out and is all consuming. Needless to say, I am self-taught but I don't think that is necessary a bad thing. I know some people scoff at the self-taught artist, but there are some brilliant artists who have created some wonderful pieces and don't have an arts degree.
I hope my art has some appeal for some people and brings pleasure to you, It has certainly been my pleasure to create it.


Emigrated to Australia from England in 1968.
Completed my nursing training at the Princess Margaret Hospital for Childrenin Perth West Australia and became a Registered Nurse.
Married and had children.
Attended Curtin University 1995 - Bachelor of Science.
Retired from Nursing 2016
Commenced my art experience


Mandjar Art Awards 2018


Old Masters, using light to create interest and atmosphere in the painting

90cm (W) x 60cm (H)
Archival quality acrylic paint on board. Heavy use of acrylic modelling paste in some areas to give heavy texture