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Acrylic on Canvas


Love Over Gold is an addition to my Elevation Series. This piece features the amazing Pilbara region of the West Australian coast.

I have a fascination with the colours of this region where the red ochre sands meet the tropical turquoise waters – embodying the raw and harsh Australian landscape. We’re lucky enough to live in a time where we are able to view the Earth from an elevated perspective that inspires me as an artist.

These detailed scenes are very intensive and require a lot of patience and attention to detail – including new techniques that I’ve developed since beginning the Elevation Series.

"It takes love over gold and mind over matter
To do what you do that you must
When the things that you hold can fall and be shattered
Or run through your fingers like dust."

Love Over Gold - Dire Straits

Name: Love Over Gold
Size: 91cm x 122cm (36 x 48 inches)
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Date: January 2018


#landscape, #seascape, #beach, #water, #turquoise, #red, #ochre, #orange, #outback, #desert, #western australia, #broome, #pilbara, #rocks, #beach scene, #summer, #tropical, #australia, #travel, #aerial, #drone
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