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Photograph on paper

Signed on the front.

The Un-Scenes Project came about from being in lockdown 2020, and is now my main addiction. Each artwork is made from several other images I have photographed over the years to create a new slightly surreal environment for the subject, generally somewhere you wouldn't expect to find it. All images belong to a 3 part themed series in a 16:9 format and all have a sense of isolation or remoteness.

The print has a white border with image name printed bottom centre and signature bottom right hand side on the white border.

This image is one of three from the Final Frontier series.
This series was inspired by the TV show “The Mandalorian”. All are places of future civilisations on another planet, possibly in other galaxies. Though the theme appears desolate, it also hints at hope and promise of a distant future.

All feature a stretch of beach from Yule Point at low tide, North Queensland and other local landscape elements and architecture.

Although it appears abandoned this crucial station houses thousands featuring hydroponic gardens and high-tech recycling systems to sustain the population. Most people here are involved with research and development of their newly habitable lands.
Stormy sky from Machans Beach, rocky outcrop is from Chillagoe, the “station” is from a skyscraper in Shanghai, China, and the remnant spacecraft elements are from old film photos I took at Kennedy space Centre, Florida, USA back in 1995.

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photographic print on premium archival fine art photo paper

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#quirky, #isolation, #whimsical, #sci-fi, #planet, #science fiction, #space travel, #futuristic, #desaturated, #muted tones, #stormy sky, #abandoned, #isolated, #post apocalyptic, #dystopia, #desolate, #lonely, #eerie, #mysterious, #solitary, #deserted, #toxic environment, #desaturated colurs, #warm tones, #ominous clouds, #station, #other worldly, #stormy clouds, #base station, #rockets, #remnants, #lounge room art, #white, #purple

All art by shaz spannenburg

A lone stone building stands in the desert bush scrubland and a single dead tree to its left is home to some pink and grey galahs, having a rest on its branches as well as a couple on top of the buildings tin roof.  Background is a dark stormy sky.A crackle of yellow and white Cockatoos are in a frenzy surrounding an old stone boarded up church as a dark sky background says a big storm is looming. A lone stone building, without a roof,  stands in the desert bush scrublands  serving as a resting place for a crackle of black cockatoos. There is also a frenzy of them flying beyond as a dark sky signals a storm coming. A jumble of retro architecture is piled up in the shape of the Mont Saint Michel and placed onto the a low tide beach scape. The colour palette is  pastel with a summer blue sky as a background.
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