I love being able to tell a story with images. When I am not being creative I go stir crazy and aren\'t much fun to be around . As you can see from this words just don\'t cut it for me!
I am a student at heart and have studied for more than 8 years and would continue if I could.
I teach art at Shellys art studio. I believe anyone can be creative and that it is a great way to express yourself.

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I studied Fine art for five years -(Masters in painting)- I won best student in most my years studying.
I did a design and illustration diploma in one of the most prestigious schools in South africa: About 700 students apply each year and about 20 students complete the course. It was tough but taught me invaluable skills. I won the art prize at school. I am qualified in adult education. I have judged and won international illustration competitions on a number of occasions


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