Sillier Than Sally (aka Sally Walsh, born 1980) is a mixed media and water colour artist based in sunny Sydney, Australia.  Sally’s figurative and wildlife creations are fun, lively and often embody her own cheeky and playful spirit. Working across a variety of mediums, Sally creates commission pieces and gallery art with regular exhibitions both locally and abroad, while Sally’s dynamic and vibrant murals can be seen dotted across a variety of Sydney’s walls.  As a way of inspiring creativity in others, Sally also runs a variety of art workshops to both adult and school student groups.

“Art for me, is a gorgeous opportunity to touch and awaken another person’s soul with wonder, warmth, color and awe.” - Sally.
Professional Fine artist since 2011‚ with a background in Disney Animation‚ Graphic Design & Storyboarding in the Advertising Industry.

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Website - www.SillierThanSally.com
Facebook - www.facebook.com/SillierThanSally

Certificate Of Design: Shillington College
Internal Animation and Life Drawing Studies: Disney Studios
Mixed Media Online Mini Courses
Hundreds & hundreds of self taught hours spent mastering - art techniques‚ supplies‚ drawing & painting skills.


Selected Group Exhibitions
2016 “Cruelty Free Animal Art Exhibition” ATP, SYD
2015 “Works On Paper” Brunswick Street Gallery‚ MEL
2015 “Painting” Brunswick Street Gallery‚ MEL
2014 “In The Beginning” ArtShine Gallery‚ Chippendale‚ SYD
2014 “Small Works” Brunswick Street Gallery‚ MEL
2014 “See Me Take Over” Times Square Billboards‚ NY‚ USA
2013 “D7 Apocalypto 1314” ACP Gallery‚ Paddington‚ SYD
2013 “RAW Translations” The Roxy‚ SYD
2013 “The Story Of The Creative” Angel Orensanz Gallery‚ NY‚ USA
2012 “40x40”‚ Brunswick Street Gallery‚ MEL
2012 “Small Works”‚ Brunswick Street Gallery‚ MEL
2011 “Over The Times”‚ Clock Tower Pop Up Gallery‚ SYD

2012 - 2013 Art Battles and Live Painting
“Electric Fever”‚ Live Painting‚ The Apartment‚ SYD
“East Meets West”‚ Art Battles AUS‚ Name This Bar‚ Oxford St‚ SYD
“Parched March Charity”‚ Animal Welfare Charity Night‚ Oxford St‚ SYD
“A View From My Mind”‚ Art Battles AUS‚ NTB‚ Oxford St‚ SYD

Works held in private collections in Australia‚ Ireland‚ USA‚ and New Zealand


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Some of my first loves - Mother nature‚ colour‚ colour‚ colour‚ sunrises & sunsets‚ overseas adventures‚ wine‚ music that moves the soul‚ dancing like there is no tomorrow‚ wildlife‚ a good storm‚ a good hug‚ my beautiful one year old son‚ art supplies‚ vintage paraphernalia‚ learning new art techniques and being in “my flow” and painting into the wee hours of the morning.