University of Sydney (Master of Studio Art), Doctor of Philosophy-Painting

Selected Exhibitions
10 times Solo Exhibitions & about 70 Selected Group Exhibitions
Korea & Japan Contemporary Art Exhibition (Japan)
Uijeongbu Arts Center Festival ( Uijeongbu Arts Center)
ASIANWAY Korean & Chinese Exhibition (H.A Gallery)
Modern Art Festival of Small paintitng (Seoul Museum of Art)
International Women’s Day Festival (Lee Hyung Art Gallery)
Jeonbuk Art Fair (Jeonbuk)
AHAF Art Fair (Lotte Hotel, Seoul)
Flower Blooms Exhibition (Grim Galley)
Singapore Affordable Art Fair (Singapore)
Present of May Exhibition (ABLEFINE Gallery)
Busan Art Show (BEXCO)
AHAF Marco Polo Hong Kong Art Fair (Hong Kong)
New York fountain art Fair, (New York, USA)
Seoul Art Show (KOEX)
Köln Art Fair (Köln, Germany)
World Art Games, Croatia (Vukovar City Museum, Croatia,)
Area Gallery 7Artists Exhibition (Area Gallery)
Japan Sin Art Association Exhibition (Tokyo Art Museum, Nagoya Gang-gi City Museum, Japan)
The Light of Korean Arts Exhibition (Seoul Art Center, Gongpyeong Gallery)
Turkey, Istanbul Korea Art Expo: International Fine Art Exchange Exhibition (BESIKTAS CAGDAS SANTA GALERISI, Turkey)
The 7th, 9th International Invitational Exhibition Presented by 21c International Art and Culture Exchange Association (Peungtackho City Art Center)
International Professors’ Invited Exhibition for painting, Design, Plastic Arts- Nature, Human, Culture II Exhibition (21C International Art and Culture Exchange Association, Iang Gallery)
Special Commemoration Invited Exhibition for The 20th Anniversary Memorial Treaty of Amity with Azerbaijan- Silk road its Conversion of Culture Exhibition (21C International Art and Culture Exchange association,( Peungtackho City Art Center )
An Invited Exhibition of the Remarkable International Artists from America, Azerbaijan, China, Japan, Korea, Uzbekistan (Iang Gallery)
China International Art Exhibition (China)
Sydney Window Gallery Exhibition (Sydney, Australia)

Womas Art Prize-Commended Award
Korea Art Grand Exhibition Award
MBC Art Grand Exhibition Award
Youth Art Grand Exhibition Award
Sin Art Grand Exhibition Award
Chunhyang Art Grand Exhibition Award
Japan Sin Art Grand Exhibition
--2013, 2015 Honour Awards

Professor of College of Fine Arts, Hongik University

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143cm (W) x 80.3cm (H)
Mixed Media
38cm (W) x 120cm (H)
Mixed Media
73cm (W) x 73cm (H)
Oil Paint
72cm (W) x 72cm (H)
Oil Paint
58cm (W) x 58cm (H)
91cm (W) x 38cm (H)
Oil Paint
93cm (W) x 52cm (H)
83cm (W) x 55cm (H)
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