Though my professional art studies are recent, completing a Visual Arts diploma with distinctions in 2016, I originally lost myself in sketching as a shy child (pausing disney cartoons on the VCR to draw them) and only recently found myself re acquainted in 2013 when painting a Brisbane Signal box and loving the creativity and feedback received. My background the past 20 years has been massage therapy, so I hold a fair understanding of the body. I'm also travelling a vegetarian path the past 20 years, so my love for nature & animals may come through in my work.

I generally take to happy scenes, flowers, children and joyous moments to capture in colour. I hope my works make you a little warm & fuzzy on the inside.

I'm still working out which media works best for me, and where I wish to focus my art so this year is an exploration in various media and subjects but I must say I find great interest in the relationship between animals & man, how we can live together cohesively on this crazy planet.

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19cm (W) x 28cm (H)
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Acrylic Paint
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Acrylic Paint
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