A South Coast of NSW girl, i have experienced life in a few regions of NSW and Victoria and traveled in South Australia and Sth East Queensland this experience, i bring to my landscape paintings.

I have run my own studio gallery and frequently taught art classes.

I have a love of colour and nature and beauty and bring this to my work whether it be a rural or outback landscape a colour themed still life, a garden scene or a portrait or wildlife work.

Predominantly i paint on board, sometimes on stretched canvas and prefer to work in artists quality oil paint bulding up a painting in layers of brushmarks and colour.

I have published some of my work in Artist's Palette magazine and worked on comunity projects like painting backdrops for school plays and performing arts groups.

I am an avid gardener and looking forward to continuing some still life work with horticultural delights in and around colourful almost tropical, lush Mildura, and producing a series of landscapes based on a trip to the outback, i look forward to depicting its red sand landscape and unique vegetation. Sometimes i return to my roots and do something coastal, inspired by my home region, or other times will depict simple domestic scenes or the action of shearing time or joy of childhood fun like swinging on a hills hoist or fishing in creeks with butterfly nets. My work is admired for its colour and subject matter people relate to and enjoy. and occasionaly a cat, or a bowl of goldfish, finds its way onto my still life table and gets incorporated into a painting.

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St George TAFE south west TAFE Riverina TAFE Enmore design centre and then some.


Soul Fruit Gallery Stawell, (now closed but visit the new Chalk Circle gallery in the same location) St Marys art show, Carcoar show, Pomonal and Halls Gap, Wollombi and Beaufort and other country exhibitions


Artists Pallete magazine.


Margaret Olley, Arthur Boyd, Joy Hester, some of the other Angry Penguins, Australian art, French impressionism, Henry Matisse, Vincent van Gough, Gaugan, and American landscape and Western art, and the varying moods of our Australian light and landscape. A bit eclectic really.

100cm (W) x 130cm (H)
Oil Paint
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Oil Paint
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