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Susan Respinger
Susan Respinger

Western Australia, Australia

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Acrylic on canvas


This original acrylic on canvas, Laughing Lady painting is a bright, warm, light-hearted piece.

I was originally inspired to paint this piece thinking about the old theory that laughter is contagious. It really got me thinking about how if we were all surrounded by happiness it would be hard to be sad. I decided to put it in to practice and paint a happy laughing face that would look over whoever was viewing it and hopefully put a smile on their face. I decided to paint her in really warm sunny colours to remind the viewer of summer, fun times. I really liked the look of damask so I decided to paint a damask background which was definitely the most time-consuming part of the whole painting as I tried stencilling it on and it wasn’t as crisp as I would have liked it so I ended up drawing the whole pattern by hand with a tiny paintbrush. At first it felt really painstaking but as I kept it up, it started to feel almost meditative. By the end I felt like I didn’t know what do with myself anymore if I wasn’t doing that so I ended up doing an even more intricate damask pattern on my next painting which was Monkey Monster.

#lady, #woman, #girl, #laughing, #fun, #happy, #bright, #warm, #demask, #beautiful, #smile, #lipstick
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