In 2012 Szczepan started his watercolour adventure by joining and sketching alongside a number of local urban artists – the “Brisbane Urban Sketchers” and the Brisbane “Plein-Air” Group.
Since 2015 Szczepan attended workshops offered by some of Australia’s leading watercolour artists. In particular, the Melbourne workshops led by Alvaro Castagnet and Herman Pekel gave him the confidence to move beyond the rigid confines of his professional training - of technical details and straight lines.
Szczepan is currently a Member of the Watercolour Society of Queensland. Beyond his new start in 2018 into tutoring and offering workshops, Szczepan continues to paint plein-air and has recently with his efforts been selected as one of Australia’s representatives to the Fabriano in Acquarello Festival in Fabriano, Italy in May 2018.
He is becoming more active in the Society and is injecting a new excitement into the local watercolour scene. He is developing a broader range of subject material to supplement his love of architectural and urban themes. He loves the sea and has a special affinity with sailing craft, old gaffers and nautical themes. His real passion is "plein-air" painting.
“Watercolour can be intimidating at times. It can also be extremely rewarding. I have often stopped to ponder an idea, contemplate an image in my mind and then gather enough courage to dive onto the paper with resolute conviction and confidence. Sometimes this "bravado" is short lived - and I find myself swimming in an ocean of muddy hues, superficial details and quickly drying pigments. Other times I am surprised by the ease with which an image appears before me...the economy of brushwork translating the environment ...... a spontaneity in colour, in darks and lights - all to quickly capture the light, the mood and the essence of life - plein air”.
Szczepan Urbanowicz


BArch (Hons) Auckland, New Zealand


2017 Watercolour Society of Queensland - Autumn Exhibition
2017 Watercolour Society of Queensland - Annual Exhibition (2nd prize - Traditional Category 56X38cm - "Japanese garden")
2018 Watercolour Society of Queensland - Autumn Exhibition
2018 FabrianoInAcquarello Exhibition, Fabriano, Italy. May 2018. 56X38 - "Maroochydore Fishing"
2018 Tutor in Watercolour, Beginners /Intermediate - Watercolour Society of Queensland


Published book "A Brisbane Sketchbook" with colleague Mark Fuller in 2015. Book includes 72 monochrome images


I have been greatly influenced by the works and practices of watercolour artists Alvaro Castagnet, Joseph Zbukvic and Herman Pekel.