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artistMaybe yes maybe no meredith howse bluethumb art a981

Leanne M.

22 hours ago

“I think it is a wonderful site to bring artists and collectors together in one place.”

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Lisa J.

2 days ago

“ As an Artist I am thrilled with my sales so far via Bluethumb. Collectors get to see amazing art by diverse Aussie‚Äôs Artists, including Artists that are not famous or those emerging. ”

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Janette H.

2 days ago

“Australian made”

collectorUnderwater caitlin broderick bluethumb art


3 days ago

“I wish to help aussies buy other aussies products”

artistThe greatest alexander edwards bluethumb art


5 days ago

“everything about it is great”


Natalie K.

5 days ago

“Great broad range ”

artistBonnie courtney senneby bluethumb art

Mollie E.

6 days ago

“Artists need many places to sell their art.. this is one of them, of you share that info. ”

collectorUntitled 18 jos coufreur bluethumb art

Christine S.

7 days ago

“ Living in a rural area bluethumb allows me to enjoy art on my computer & hopefully one day to start purchasing affordable art as well as encouraging new & emerging artists ”

collectorPushed linda hammond bluethumb art 2554

Terri M.

7 days ago

“Incredible detail, moody.”

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margaret R.

8 days ago

“Huge variety to chose from , ease of use and good customer service ”