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A very personal portrait of close-friend, barber and running partner, Doug Howie.

The idea behind this portrait was to capture Doug in a very intimate and vulnerable moment. Decades of experience have left Doug with countless stories and close relationships, but most of these are limited to fifteen minute sessions every three-to-six weeks. This piece references his years mastering his craft and hints at the sadness of a man well into the twilight of his working life.

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Acrylic paint on canvas. Stretched and ready to hang.

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#Melancholy, # Portrait, # Barber, # Black and white, # negative space, # pop art, # comtemporary, # modern, # photorealism, # acrylics, # black, # white, # hands, # work

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The painting features drag performer, Prozac lying in a circular inflatable pool ring, seemingly drifting in a pool. Prozac is dressed in a playful, striped outfit with a large bow on their head. Their makeup is exaggerated and expressive, highlighting their eyes and lips. Tattoos adorn Prozac's arms and legs, adding intricate details to their appearance.

Surrounding Prozac, the letters "P-R-O-Z-A-C" float in the background, subtly integrated into the scene. These letters have the appearance of alphabet soup. A large spoon hovers in the upper right corner, adding a surreal touch to the composition. The entire painting is rendered in a monochrome palette, emphasizing the contrast between light and shadow. The performer's relaxed pose, combined with the playful and surreal elements, creates a whimsical and dreamlike atmosphere.Jack Post stands slouched over slightly while glaring off to the middle distance. His expression sits somewhere between distracted and resentful.

He is dressed as Batmanโ€™s Robin, in a typical 1960s camp Robin costume, complete with tights, leather gloves and a long cape.

Smoke fills the bottom of the portrait.Madonna and the Child depicts a young woman, dressed in robes, resembling the Virgin Mary. She is sitting on the ground and her head is illuminated by a circular halo, similar to those seen in religious images of Madonna. Rather than looking over an infant Jesus, this version of the Virgin Mary is gazing over a levitating metallic crib containing Baby Yoda.A young woman sits in a dark shallow space, an intimate setting that draws the viewer's attention exclusively on her.  She faces away from the viewer, but looks back over her left shoulder.

A large ear spacer (or tunnel) is visible in her left earlobe. Her hair is cut very short on one side of her head, and her blonde hair is flipped over the right side of her head.
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