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By Tom Christophersen

Sydney, Australia, Australia

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A Portrait of Deven Green
Based on photography by Tobias Nichols

Once upon a time I tweeted Deven Green... And she tweeted back.

Comedienne and LGBTQI ally/superhero Deven Green first popped into my consciousness after I saw her judge a comedy panel on RuPaul's Drag Race. After having struck up an online friendship, Deven let me to draw her portrait. This is the largest piece and most detailed work I have ever completed. I wanted the strength of this piece to symbolise the strength that Deven gave me, by acknowledging my work and inspiring me to achieve things I never thought were possible for me artistically. My ode to Deven (and Klimt) - this piece took 6 months and a large portion of myself, which I was happy to give. Deven calls this piece her 'real life Dorienne Gray'.

Featured in the 2017 Semi Permanent Book
Featured Finalist of the 2017 Contemporary Art Prize.
Featured Finalist of the inaugural Australian Queer Art Prize


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