Born 1968 in Havana, Cuba.
Tomas Maceiras began studying in 1980 at the Elementary Art School of Isla de Pinos. In 1983 started studying at the National Arts School in Havana Cuba. 1987 was the year when he began the high studies at the Higher Institute of Arts in Havana Cuba. In 1992 Initiated his professional life teaching at the elementary art school of 23 with ‘C’ St, Vedado, Havana. In 1997 moved to Venezuela working as a freelance mural painter also being represented by the Gomez-Mullet gallery in Miami Florida.
Maceiras’ work is based in the development of parallel subjects of interest, so to speak. As in this case, the landscape genre in which the Cuban heritage is took as a foundation to be expressed in Australian themes, particularly the Sydney bushwalks.

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1980-1983 Elementary art school. Isla de la Juventud Cuba.
1983-1987 National art school .Havana Cuba.
1987-1992 Higher institute of arts .Havana Cuba.


Personal exhibitions
1992 graduation thesis, Gallery "El Pasillo", Higher Institute of arts. Havana Cuba
1994 "Sin azúcar no hay país". Gallery “Plaza Vieja”, "La Casona", Cuban fund of arts, Havana, Cuba.
1995 "Indians, Swams and Other things". Gallery L, Havana, Cuba.
2009 " Jazz portraits". Murten, Switzerland.

Collective Exhibitions
2010- Collective showing Latin American Artists. Gomez-Mullet Gallery, Coral Gables Miami Florida.
2011- Art Position edition. Salavaux, Switzerland.
2011- Auction organized by Artconsulters S.A Guatemala city, Guatemala.

1985 Library Gallery "Máximo Gómez". Havana, Cuba.
1986 Council Art Prize, Nueva Gerona. Isla de la Juventud, Cuba.
1986- Young artists from National Art School and San Alejandro School. San Luís Gallery, Pinar del Río, Cuba.
1987 Graduation thesis. National Art School Cuba.
1988 “The young Etching”, Gallery Haydee Santamaría. “Las Americas” House, Havana,
1988 Exhibition, Guest of the artists group, "The bell", Las Tunas.
1989 Exhibition "the higher institute at home", Las Américas house, Havana, Cuba.
1991 “14 Higher Institute s Artists Exhibit”. Gallery ENAP, Havana, Cuba.
1992 “The Mission”, San Juan de Letrán convent, Havana, Cuba.
1995 Contemporary Art Prize "Juan f. Elso". National Art Museum, Havana, Cuba.
1995 “New Cuba” Contemporary Cuban Artists. Cultural Centre of Belem, Portugal.
1995 “Ego, A possible portrait". Visual Arts Centre, Cuba.
1996 Almendares Project, "Nor strawberry or Chocolate". Cencrem Gallery, Havana.
1997 "Por Cuenta Propia". Facultad de Artes y Letras, Havana University.
2008 Collective showing. Gomez-Mullet Gallery. Miami, Florida.
2009 Collective showing. Gomez-Mullet Gallery. Miami, Florida.
2011 Art Project 2011 edition, Switzerland.

91cm (W) x 45cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
30cm (W) x 42cm (H)
Watercolour Paint
30cm (W) x 42cm (H)
Watercolour Paint
39cm (W) x 53cm (H)
Watercolour Paint
42cm (W) x 59cm (H)
Watercolour Paint
59cm (W) x 42cm (H)
Watercolour Paint
59cm (W) x 42cm (H)
Watercolour Paint
153cm (W) x 61cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
91cm (W) x 183cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
51cm (W) x 76cm (H)
Acrylic Paint