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Acrylic on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

Signed on the front.

This artwork comes with an external frame

Step into the world of Miss Alexandra, a timeless figure captured in a charming portrait exuding warmth and nostalgia. Adorned in a vibrant purple top, a statement pearl necklace, and a bold black hat embellished with a delicate pink flower, she welcomes you with a gentle smile and a calming presence. With a tanned complexion accentuated by a hint of rouge, her kind face invites you to feel at ease. Set against a backdrop of complementary rectangular colors—blues, creams, greens, olives, and browns—this painting radiates an inviting aura suitable for any space, be it your home, office, cafe, or studio. Miss Alexandra embodies the roles of friend, aunt, teacher, grandmother, mother, sister, wife, schoolmistress, or trusted confidante, offering solace and comfort to all who encounter her gaze. Invite Miss Alexandra into your space and let her gracious presence uplift and inspire you.

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Acrylic on stretched canvas with wooden floating frame

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Stretched and ready to hang

This artwork is currently stretched and ready to hang.

It comes with an external frame.

Framed dimensions - 42.0(W) x 52.0(H).

Artwork dimensions - 40.0(W) x 50.0(H).

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Lady with bright red orange hair sitting inside and a table adorned with a light blue and yellow patterned tablecloth. There is a big yellow teapot sitting on the table. The background is split horizontally with an olive green and light lilac wall. There is a window on the right with a lace see through curtain. Naive style scruffy black dog in a standing form, the background is divided into areas of olive green , black, beige and ochre yellowThis painting is set in a night time setting in the Irish countryside, where a man wearing a black suit is taking his black dog for a walk down a long winding white path or road. There is an I like fashioned black wrought iron street lamp giving of a yellow white glow. There is a white country cottage on the left with a light shining through from the front door and window. Beside the cottage is a magenta coloured tree with variations of bright magenta to dark magenta from the shadows from the moon and streetlight. The foreground is a hill of olive coloured grass and there are hills in the distance in green and grey colours. The sky varies from a light grey up to a dark grey at the top. Big tree covered in colourful abstract shapes, the surrounding countryside is also covered in colourful abstract shapes. There is a white cottage set by the coastal turquoise sea.
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