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Vanessa Kelly
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Acrylic on gallery stretched linen


The maze of old timber pylons at Princes Pier, revealed now that the decking has been removed. No longer echoing with the footfalls of ships passengers and crew.

"The Relationship between Humanity & the Sea"
I remember standing on Princes Pier, holding streamers as friends and lovers departed, and anxiously awaiting the arrival of family and friends from distant shores. My memories are juxtaposed against the vast wooden maze of pylons that stands there now.


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#Princes Pier, #Port Melbourne, #Pier, #sea, #bay, #port, #water, #maze, #horizon, #perspective, #pylons, #reflection
(CreativeWork) Ensuring Safe Passage by Vanessa Kelly. oil-painting. Shop online at Bluethumb.(CreativeWork) The Boatman by Vanessa Kelly. oil-painting. Shop online at Bluethumb.

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