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Mission to Seafarers 2018 Finalist

and nominee in the People's Choice Award.

Vanessa Kelly
Vanessa Kelly

Victoria, Australia

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Oil on gallery stretched linen


Lit by the eerie light cast from the dock behind, the vast ship's hull towers over the lonely figure of the boatman and his boat, working into the night.

"The Relationship Between Humanity and the Sea"
I wished to honour the ceaseless work of the seafarers, and contrast the scale of one man and his boat, with the giant hull of a seagoing vessel in the port. Seemingly insignificant, yet vital in his role.


#hull, #boatman, #port, #water, #night, #sea, #nighttime, #eerie, #cold, #boat, #ship
(CreativeWork) Ensuring Safe Passage by Vanessa Kelly. oil-painting. Shop online at Bluethumb.(CreativeWork) Princes Pier by Vanessa Kelly. arcylic-painting. Shop online at Bluethumb.

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