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By Earthstone Chu

Olinda VIC, Australia

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Following my concept that dissolving in ‘ wandering and involving’ of universe energy, I express the image that can inspire the mind to explore deeper and wider spirit world. Hope to resonate freedom of the mind to create unfettered life to have happiness through art.

With most of my works I apply image of confident and romantic women since it is the symbol of various energy of universe. This energy is kinetic and ambiguous for unique viewer to recreate own intrinsic universe which is full of unspeakable love.

I always challenge using simple long lines and strokes to stride across shapes to have a wide feeling space for viewer’s own limitless abundant realm. Believe good art is to evoke limitless invisible spiritual world from limit visible material condition.

I’m a tool to pass people the bridge to enjoy energy of universe. The wide, profound and incredible intrinsic energy is for every unique one.


woman figure, free style, Nude, fine art, spiritual art, love, unfettered mind, kinetic potential, natural grace