Yvette Swan

Sydney, Australia

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Oil on canvas


What takes our breath away is the magnificence of nature. It is a mystery how this world and universe have been created. An unseen energy allows form to be born into existence. A truly extraordinary moment.

The brilliant turquoise blue in contrast with the upper white of the painting give creation to the beauty of the light show of the Northern Lights. A peaceful yet bold, large oil painting on canvas.

The light from the sun travels to earth and hits our atmosphere. This exchange in elements creates the colors and light of what we have called the Northern & Aurore Lights. A true wonder that brings joy to all that view it. A reflection of the internal presence within us all.

Signed on front & back of artwork.
Painting has D-Rings & wire on back to hang.


#Large, #oil painting, #blue, #turquoise, #white, #landscape, #abstract, #abstract landscape, #nature, #painting on canvas, #Sky, #water

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