Artwork Description

Oil on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

Signed on the front.

Pure abstraction of hot pink, bright yellow, warm deep orange, balanced by soft pale blue, and white, give life to this oil painting on canvas.

I love abstraction and for many years my work was purely abstract painting. I used to paint many very large works and for a period many red works with squares. One could certainly notice them in a room!

This abstract painting is a medium to large piece. There is balance in a seemingly imbalanced way. Isn’t that the flow of life here on earth. Everything looks imbalanced and chaotic at times but beyond all that there is a purpose to it. The energy that binds the whole universe together is wiser than a human mind is! There is an energy that is always correcting the form we call the physical. It may not make sense at times when we experience tough times or happy times but there is a purpose to it much greater than we can comprehend.

How do we wake up and return to who we are, our true nature, when sometimes we have drifted so far away from it, as an individual and as humanity as a whole? Nature is our true essence and we all wish to return home within to our true self and our heart and love. Love is who we are but we have come to believe it’s something to run after and find in someone else or from something else. Do we “do “ so we can “get” in the hope we will feel better about ourselves?

There is a falsity that we believe to be true - that we are bad or unworthy. We then try really hard to cover this up, or ignore it, or run away from it. We either play out this badness or we try to cover it up by being good and being loved by others or achieve so we can feel better.

But who are we beyond this unworthy belief? Delve within and experience the truth of who we are beyond this belief. Our nature is Love and we are always here to be discovered through awareness. We are not out there, something to chase after through the world.

For more support if required around who you truly are, (go to awareness sessions),

Enjoy this abstract painting. In amongst the chaos there is order!!

Signed on front & back of artwork.
Hanging wire on back ready to put on wall.

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Oil on canvas

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Stretched and ready to hang

This artwork is currently stretched and ready to hang.

Yvette Swan

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