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Archival Fine Art Photograph, Lustre

Signed certificate of authenticity.

Frame not included

TOP 6 finalist for the 2022 Canon Clique Awards! (adjusted image 'Megalopolitan Takeover')
Clique on the Walls Photography exhibition | Woolloongabba Art Gallery | 13th to 17th June 2023

I was inspired by vivid, vibrant colours and imagery, guided by an admiration for the great surrealists to create a new world. This busy, colourful dreamlike tableaux using modern photographic methods, continues the surrealist tradition of unexpected and illogical juxtapositions.
Bringing a fantastical vision to life through digital techniques, the final piece was created over 5 months with over 100 layers; every image added, photographed by me with a combination of single shot and ICM images.
The story you take from it, is your own. It was a fun piece to work on with many small details.
Printed in its A1 size where detail is fabulous, I simply hope to make you look, and then look again, to see something different, something new, something to brighten up your day.

• Limited edition; 21 only.
• Signed Certificate of Authenticity.
• Archival Standard, Lustre, Fine Art Photograph.
• Photographic images are unframed.
• Exclusively printed as ordered; then meticulously checked with detail to quality before being carefully packaged and shipped in a strong postal cylindrical tube or flat pack, to you. For this personalised process, please allow two extra days for delivery.
from the body of work - ‘Surreal Appeal’

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Archival Fine Art Photograph, Lustre

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This Chair is Too Big He Said. Made up entirely of my own photographs, this layered composite piece is quirky and surreal. Intentionally conversational, big and bold - and printed on Archival Gloss to keep the saturated colours strong and vibrant this composition will keep you discovering more and more each time you look!  Printed on archival gloss paper and available as a Limited Edition of 21 prints.  From the body of work - ‘Surreal Appeal’ by visual artist Ann Parrott. Metallic pizzazz - downtown New York, the milky way and a full moon meets Animalia. A surreal creation by emerging digital artist Ann Parrott. Limited Edition of 21.

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A timeless narrative of steadfast vigilance.  "The Lighthouse", a symphony of time and light, where a solitary structure becomes a beacon not only for maritime guidance but also a metaphor for resilience. In this ICM shot, the lighthouse tells a story of perpetual watchfulness, encapsulating the beauty of a day's journey in a single, awe-inspiring image. Available as a Limited Edition of 10 prints.  From the body of work - ‘Generating O ICM’ by visual artist Ann Parrott. A mesmerising ICM-style photograph that breathes life into the spirit of fall. The vibrant foliage of a majestic tree takes centre stage, its leaves ablaze with the warm tones of autumn. The intentional blurring of the image adds a dreamlike quality, as if nature itself is in a state of gentle, contemplative motion.  'Autumnal Reverie' captures the essence of the season, where the crisp air carries the whispers of transformation, and every rustling leaf seems to narrate a story of change. Let the radiant colours and artistic abstraction of this image transport you to a realm where the beauty of autumn unfolds in a symphony of motion and colour. Available as a Limited Edition of 10 prints.  From the body of work - ‘Generating O ICM’ by visual artist Ann Parrott. In this hauntingly beautiful ICM photograph, the spectral tree, its branches reaching out like ethereal fingers, commands attention amidst the shadows that surround it. A play of contrasts unfolds as the ghostlike presence emerges from the obscurity, casting an eerie, yet captivating, aura. Available as a Limited Edition of 10 prints.  From the body of work - ‘Generating O ICM’ by visual artist Ann Parrott. A single shot ICM photographic capture taken in the Wetlands. The intricate dance of shadows and light unveils the untold stories hidden within the textured trees. Each tree trunk becomes a chapter in nature's novel, bearing witness to the secrets of the forest. 'Trunk Tales' invites you to immerse yourself in the silent narrative etched into the heartwood, where the whispers of centuries echo through the captivating patterns and rich hues of the woodland tapestry. Profound beauty and timeless tales. Available as a Limited Edition of 10 prints.  From the body of work - ‘Generating O ICM’ by visual artist Ann Parrott.
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