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Acrylic on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

Signed on the front.

Stormy Ocean Sunrise - Green Sea is part of a series on stormy sunrise seascapes. I love the moodiness of stormy seascapes. This is a dramatic, imagined seascape with wild, foamy waves lit by the golden glow of the rising sun. A heavy cloud, dominating the sky, rains heavily on the ocean. A lone sea bird soars effortlessly above the ocean as it seeks breakfast from the waves. The brightness of the sunrise and crashing waves set off by dramatic contrasts will bring excitement to any room.

The painted scene extends around the edges. it is varnished and ready to hand.

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Acrylic on stretched canvas

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Stretched and ready to hang

This artwork is currently stretched and ready to hang.

#stormy sunrise, #sea bird, #soaring bird, #dark clouds, #threatening sky, #dark sky, #golden glow, #sunrise glow, #dawn, #dark blue ocean, #aqua sea, #white foaming waves, #turbulent waves, #spectacular, #crashing waves, #morning storm, #tempestuous, #majestic, #evocative, #dramatic, #anne huth, #green sea, #gold, #dark green

All art by Anne Huth

Red Sky with Water has a dominant, bright red sky that takes up the top two thirds of the canvas with an aqua section in the bottom half of the left third of the sky. The aqua section reaches inwards and upward towards the middle of the canvas. a tree has multiple branches branching out from the left vertical third of the canvas at the horizon line. The foreground third combines red soil to the left, a stream of water flowing into and across the canvas from the bottom right corner and shadowed, dark grey blue ground separating the stream from the horizon. A line of small trees carries across the horizon in both the red and aqua sky sections. The scene continues around the deep sides of the canvas with the signature near the bottom on the right side.Red Sky with Aqua has a dominant bright red sky which takes up most of the top two thirds of the canvas. There is a section, less than a third, of the sky on the right side that is bright aqua. A large, dark, grey-blue tree trunk divides the canvas vertically into two thirds and one third. The bottom third displays a dark blue landscape with an angled aqua section forming a triangle in the left bottom corner of the canvas. A couple of small, full foliaged, aqua trees peep above the horizon on the left. The scene wraps around the deep edges of the canvas with a signature placed near the bottom right side.Stormy Ocean Sunrise - Blue Sea is a monochromatic blue painting with just a touch golden light. It is painted in portrait format. The cloud fill sky takes up over half the canvas with a darker section of cloud at the top and a bit lower down on the right side.  Rain can be observed in the distance on the horizon of the left side. The foreground features choppy, turbulent ocean water with a large wave rising up towards the centre line of the canvas and crossing over the sky. The wave is starting to crash with a big foamy crest.A glowing cloudy sky meets the horizon just below the centre line of the canvas for Stormy Ocean Sunrise - Early Morning Walk. The sea is dark with ripple waves. The tide is going out exposing damp sand in the foreground and just a slick of water on the left side of the canvas with the some deeper water remaining to the right and in the distance. A couple of people and their dog are walking onto the area covered by the slick of remaining water at the left of centre in the mid-foreground.
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