Buying abstract Art, Mark Rothko and Bluethumb

Last November BBC News reported that a large-scale abstract painting by Mark Rothko was sold by Sotheby’s in New York for more than $75,000,000.

The abstract expressionist’s 1954 painting No.1 (Royal Red and Blue) is a warm, tropical coloured block canvas. It was described by the auction house as a “seminal large-scale masterpiece”.

The artwork Release, featured below, by Charlotte Wensley is for sale on Bluethumb for $1,530. It is a haunting abstract expressionist work.

Both paintings are powerful, using a limited palette and simple forms. Whereas the Rothko evokes the feeling of relaxing in a warm bath, the Wensley piece expresses a more mysterious primal feeling, radiating from the embryonic circle into darker blues.

One of the best things about sourcing art from Bluethumb is the opportunity to discover new and emerging talent. Finding beautiful abstract works by artists like Charlotte Wensley gives you the chance to get involved in the art market at a reasonable price while you adorn your walls with art you love. And who knows – maybe one day Sotheby’s will come calling.

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