Christine Cooper- Interview

Christine Cooper is a a passionate artist from the Gold Coast, Queensland. Her works are bold and colourful. She aims to create movement and emotion with every piece. Christine enjoys painting landscapes, people, animals, flowers and abstracts. She believes; “Every painting has an owner, they just have to find each other”. Christine is an active artist who not only sells online bluethumb but regularly exhibits her work. Check out her list of exhibitions and more at her profile.

What makes you want to create art?
The natural impulse to paint is in my DNA. I love to bring colour and emotion to the art enthusiast.

Your works are so dreamy, they flow! What inspired this style?

I am an emotional sponge. A spiritual element seems to weave its way into my paintings. When starting a piece, I usually have no agenda, so my paintings can be a bit like ‘a box of chocolates’. Listening to music inspires movement in my creations.  I have attached the beginning of “Mystery Tour” which just sold at my 5th exhibition, D’bar Gallery, this is freehand – no ruler for me. My Dad was a cartographer, I have inherited his line drawing ability 🙂

unnamed-1 unnamed

Whats your favourite medium to work with? Why?

I love acrylic because it allows for a field of possibilities.

Do you like to take on commission work, or mainly paint what you like/feel at the time?

Commissions only work for me if there is flexibility. I will be open to a request and if I feel connected, a painting will evolve. When finished, there is no pressure to buy the piece unless it resonates with the viewer.  This seems to work for me.

What are 3 pieces of art from any artists that have an influence on you and your work? 

I am open to all forms of art and am drawn to the impressionists. I don’t relate to individual pieces because it is so important to establish my own style.

Do you collect art, if so whats your favourite piece? can you show us?

I collect Australian animal sculptures.  My favourite sculptor is “Kazza”.


Who is your favourite Australian Artist and why?

Dale Marsh – his use of light brings me a sense of peace.

We’d love it if you could share any photos with us to post with your Q&A. Any current W.I.P shots or shots of your studio/workplace would be interesting 🙂

I am currently working on these 3 pieces (see below).  The one on the left has been a challenge, it has changed enormously over the last few weeks. This is the agony and ecstasy of painting :/


Keep up to date with Christine’s work at:

Outsider Art – out is the new in

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