How to Colour Block Your Home with Art

Fashion forms a meeting place for art and design, so it’s no surprise that the Colour Block trend in interiors was initially inspired by the runway. Essentially, colour blocking sees interiors designed around carefully placed, bright blocks of colour. Overall, the impression is glamorous, energising, fun and with its sense of graphic design, really gets one’s personality across.

Colour block trend example no art

A few examples of the trend – we think that with art we can do even better! Images courtesy of Lushome, Dan Gold and Christelle Bourgeois. 

Rustic and Refined

Proving that glamorous, clean trends like colour blocking can flourish outside of New York, this image shows a charming, rustic room completed beautifully with two pieces by Annette Spinks, From Love Grows and Amongst Friends. The abstract composition of the pieces means that they don’t overwhelm the rest of the space, yet the largeness of their scale also compliments the casual grandeur of the furniture.

Colour block trend art

From Love Grows and Amongst Friends, by Annette Spinks. The pair look stunning in this refined, rustic setting.

Pretty Yet Powerful

For anyone who thinks that trends undermine the true meaning of art, this one’s for you. By embracing the eye-catching trend, this room not only puts the artwork front and centre, but also its underlying message. Hidden Truths by Sarah Jane is big, bright and bold, and because it contains so many different colours, the rest of the space requires little effort, save for the complementary mint green in the blanket and bed frame. Despite its bright colours however, the piece also speaks to the much darker issue of domestic violence, and thus has the potential to start important conversations. Sarah is planning to donate 10% of her profits from this piece to the fight against domestic violence.

Colour block painting

Bold, bright and powerful. Hidden Truths by Sarah Jane.

Colour Blocking, without the Colours

It’s always the exception that proves the rule, and this expressive piece by Titane Laurent, A Life of Wonders, is a stunning demonstration of how one can embrace the colour blocking trend even without any colours! Black and white is a timeless combination, and, by continuing the colour scheme into the rest of the space (how cool is that sculpture, by the way?), the flash of red in the piece has maximum impact. Of her artwork, Titane writes: “There are many directions in life that could be taken but only the one that responds to a true calling is worth being taken. A Life of Wonders is an invitation to pursue relentlessly the pure and personal heart desire that has been given to each one of us.”

Colour blocking trend art black white

Colours are great, but then so are black and white! A Life of Wonders by Titane Laurent.

Colour Block Your Reading

This piece, Sunset, by Julee Latimer, plays with shades of red, pink and orange – tones that could potentially clash in a less well-executed piece. The owner of this home embraces colour blocking in a fun, daring way, emphasising the playful colour scheme in this delightful reading nook, with further pops of pink and red.

Reading nook colour block trend art

Art and literature go hand in hand! The aptly named Sunset by Julee Latimer.

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