Famous artists were good before they were famous

Most of us can’t afford an original Sidney Nolan, Margaret Olley, Jeffrey Smart or Brett Whiteley. The work of these iconic Australian artists hangs in the most prestigious galleries and fetches tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars at international auctions.

It’s no coincidence that work by the most famous artists tends to rise in value after the artist’s death – suddenly their body of work is finite.

But what about talented – but less famous – living artists? What if they live somewhere remote and don’t exhibit in metropolitan art galleries? What if they are students, or recent graduates? What if they’ve had a career behind them already and take up painting later in life? What if they’ve been working for years creating beautiful art with little or no recognition?

This is where Bluethumb comes in. Famous artists like Sidney Nolan were good before they were famous. Their work sold for reasonable prices before they were famous. And now art lovers all over Australia have the chance to buy art directly from the creators and support talented Australian artists, before they become famous.

A few comparisons for you, courtesy of Bluethumb’s talented Australian artists:

Love Sidney Nolan’s Ned Kelly series? Try Sandra Murphy’s Gas Wars Ned Kelly.

Sidney Nolan Ned Kelly

Sidney Nolan’s Ned Kelly series from 1946 hangs in some of Australia’s most prestigious galleries.

Gas Wars Ned Kelly by Sandra Murphy

Gas Wars Ned Kelly by Sandra Murphy, available to buy on Bluethumb for $1,575

A fan of Margaret Olley’s still life paintings? Try an incredible Wirata piece. 

Margaret Olley Yellow Room with Lupins

Margaret Olley’s Yellow Room with Lupins from 1994

Still Life by Wirata

Still Life by Wirata, available to buy from Bluethumb for $2,400

Love Jeffrey Smart’s fantastical landscapes? Ben Tankard does surrealism with a technological twist.

Jeffrey Smart Water Tower

Jeffrey Smart’s iconic Water Tower

Ben Tankard Fun Times in Babylon

Ben Tankard’s Fun Times in Babylon, for sale on Bluethumb for $700

Dreaming of Brett Whiteley’s nudes? Mo from Maianbar knows his way around a woman’s form.

Brett Whiteley Towards Sculpture 6

One of Brett Whiteley’s famous nudes, from the Towards Sculpture series

Timide by Mo from Maianbar

Mo from Maianbar’s beautiful nude Timide, available from Bluethumb for $1,345


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