Video: Catching Up with Freya at The Melbourne Flower Show

Earlier this morning, bluethumb dream team Freddy and Megan took a stroll through the Melbourne flower market to find bluethumb artist Freya Powell, who’s been invited by the show to set up shop and display some of her beautiful floral works alongside an endless sea of roses, tulips and lilies.

Parrot Someone else was visiting the flower show, too! 

It was a little hard to hear one another (flower shows are busy places, you know!), but in spite of the noise Freya was kind enough to take some time away from her adoring public, brave the camera and have a chat with us about her artistic beginnings, her latest floral loves and what’s happening next for her.

Artist display Freya’s pieces displayed at the show

I studied fashion design at uni and a lot of my work was always influenced by flowers. After uni I was working with textiles and doing quite a lot of drawing and it was a natural progression turning to painting“, says Freya.

“I thought the flower show would be a great opportunity to show some of my work”, Freya tells us. She says that she is especially inspired by the amazing Floral Fashion dresses that RMIT students have created downstairs, which isn’t surprising given that she studied fashion design at university.

And her favourite artwork? “Hmmm, I would say probably this one behind you. It’s of David Austin roses, which are an English garden rose. The image is outside and it’s got quite strong sunlight behind it so the colours are intense.

RosesFreya’s favourite artwork, Fleur

We agree, Freya – those roses are amazing! Sadly Freya says that she doesn’t grow them in her garden at the moment. “I wish! I get all my flowers from the Sydney flower market. They’ve got a great rose grower there.

Next up, Freya is presenting her work at the Décor and Design trade fair also in Melbourne at the end of July, for interior designers and other artists – if that’s you then head along and meet her in person (take it from us – she’s almost as lovely as her work!). Watch the full interview:

The Melbourne flower show runs over the weekend, and of course, you can always browse through Freya’s works here on bluethumb. While her roses won’t wilt, they may well be snapped up by someone else, so if you think they’re as beautiful as we do then don’t hold off for too long before making your move!

You can also check out our previous interview with Freya here.

Leah Doeland with her artworks.
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  1. Allan @ Flowerhub says:

    Freya’s arts are really wonderful, I saw it when I went to the Melbourne flower show. She has keen details on her art designs and the concept is really unique. I really admire her works. Keep up the good work and more power to her.

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