Golnar Luzza: Breathe, Create and Connect

“Upon owning a piece, I hope the owner can reflect, feel and truly appreciate that their own inner beauty is as unique as the art they have acquired; that they feel worthy and whole by simply looking into it.” – Golnar Luzza

Meet Golnar Luzza (pronounced: ‘Lut-sa’). A Melbourne-based abstract artist and meditation teacher determined to create powerful artworks that connect with their owners.

“My practice combines both intuition and experimentation, resulting in unique and original pieces that are produced from a state of meditative flow.”

Sati by Golnar Luzza.

Born in Iran in 1980, and raised in Melbourne since 1985, the artist recalls the monumental transition as an experience of “separation and uprooting in a variety of its manifestations” that subsequently lead her to the world of art.

“In my art, I decode the many ways in which events like being born during a politically tumultuous time, in a country essentially at war – and then migrating to Australia during my formative years, have marked me,” Golnar reveals. “Art is my key to understanding the constantly changing inner landscape of my mind.”

Golnar Luzza in her creative element.

Golnar Luzza mixing acrylics on synthetic paper

Like meditation, art assists in delving deeper into a quieter part of herself, where her mind slows down and enters a state of flow and present-moment awareness.

“Creating artwork that arouses a sense of awareness around the complexities, qualities and overall nature of energy is my true passion. Essentially, my artwork is the depiction of a variety of moments in my life when I have experienced an intense sense of energy within my very core.”

Golnar alludes to a time where her creativity truly flourished, a time spent living alone in Melbourne’s southeast in a tiny studio fitted with parquetry floors and beautiful lighting, where what “lacked in living area made up for in charm.”

“Many nights were spent just playing with colour – paints, pens, pencils – sometimes on paper, other times on canvas. Six years of experimenting with different techniques, supplies and mediums led me to knowing – to feeling – exactly what my heart loves … and what it doesn’t.”

To this day, the mother of two continues to experiment with her technique. With each artwork as dissimilar to the next, her process has become “more of an intuitive process” than a one set method.

“Each piece breathes its own life and tells its own story. It’s often a messy, haphazard state of disorderliness to begin with, but from within that chaos, something – be it a colour, shape or texture, will stand out and lend itself to more creativity.”

Golnar adding a few metallic touches.

Golnar Luzza adding the metallic touch.

Golnar’s artistic journey has led her to the world of mixed inks and acrylics, with most of her work showcased on mirrored glass in large circular hanging pendants. “I splash, drip, pour, apply with unusual instruments, or use only my hands to complete my work. It’s organised mayhem, and at the end of the day, I am covered in… stuff.”

Alongside the joys of creating, Golnar lives for the unveiling… to the people who matter most. “My husband has an uncannily accurate way of summarising what a piece represents and my daughters, being only 2 and 4, have a very honest way of critiquing my work, which often times is nothing short of hilarious!”

Golnar Luzza playing with her pupping dog.

Golnar Luzza and pup, Vito Solomon.

Earlier last month, to keep her creative juices flowing and escape Melbourne’s drizzly weather, the whole family including puppy dog Vito packed up and settled into Byron Bay for a short, two month relocation. The mindful artist adores the soulful vibe and seeks inspiration to boost her meditative and artistic practice.

“I love getting up there a couple of times a year to recharge, check-in on my creative perspective and gain inspiration from the beautiful, wholesome surroundings.”

So what’s next for the mindful artist? She admits she’s a terrible planner, but she’s confident there are exciting things to come. “Time will tell which way the pendulum swings on this one. Being an eternal optimist I’ve no doubt it will be – as all of my life’s ventures have been to date– a great story to tell.”

Discover all of Golnar’s artwork here.

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  1. Maryam says:

    Each one of your painting is beautiful and have their own mysterious way to say something about your lovely personality. Well-done my gorgeous baby and I am proud of you. Don’t be in harry to sell them, enjoy watching them. Love you mum

  2. Reza says:

    Your works with intense colors are lovely…. they seem me somehow mystical!!…..Keep going forward my dear sis.

  3. Golnar Luzza says:

    Love you mumsy! 🙂 #pda

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