Miranda Lloyd Interview: A Bluethumb Veteran

Graphic designer. Traveller. Mother. Surfer. Artist. Miranda Lloyd‘s roles go way beyond the canvas, but each ultimately informs what goes onto it. We recently spoke with Miranda about how her many roles have played a part in her award-winning art and made her one of the longest-standing best sellers since the early days of Bluethumb.

Miranda Lloyd featured next to one of her trademark pieces, Flowers

Miranda cites Australia’s natural environment as a constant source of inspiration – from the countryside, to the ocean. “I spent 6 years travelling and working around Australia starting in the Whitsundays, where I did lots of snorkelling, swimming and enjoying the rainforests,” Miranda explains. “From there, I travelled all of the eastern coastline, then through the centre of Australia, where I ended up in Darwin. During that time, I experienced the many wonders and contrasting landscapes of Australia. It’s why I paint a lot of trees, flowers, Australian birds and abstract coastal paintings in rustic textures and lots of blues to burnt oranges. I have now settled back in the Adelaide foothills and spend many weekends down our southern coastline surfing or just relaxing.”

This Coastal Rocks Abstract was inspired by Miranda’s travels on the Great Ocean Road. “It also reflects most of Australia’s coastlines, especially in SA with the limestone coast.”

How Miranda Lloyd came into her signature style was a process throughout her artistic career. “When I first started out painting on canvases, I didn’t use textures at that point; textures developed as I experimented. I started with lots of tropical palm leaves, bamboo etc. I also went through a big wine and vine stage as living in South Australia we have a great wine region and these subjects were very popular.” Nowadays, Miranda’s variations of trees, flowers, birds and ocean abstracts are habitual themes within her work. To achieve those high textures she is so well-known for, Miranda uses acrylic paints mixed with different textural mediums, and finishes the piece with a gloss varnish.

Miranda Lloyd and some of her most commissioned subjects

Miranda Lloyd’s choice of subject matter is by the same token a result of an idea that comes into her mind at a random time or place. “I often then sketch out this idea and keep it as a reference. If my painting requires exact measurements for placements, let’s say, of a flower, I often use my computer to work this out. Being a graphic designer, my art reflects the process and planning of a graphic designer. I also get inspiration from home magazines too.”

Taking influence from home magazines and the Australian landscape allows Miranda to create the aesthetically pleasing art we see today. “I like to create art that gives off a positive calming vibe and lends itself as an extension to one’s interior styling. Nothing is more rewarding than getting an email from a buyer with photos of your art in their home and positive feedback. It is a real buzz that as a job you can help create happiness in ones space and help beautify homes around Australia and overseas.”

Miranda Lloyd's artist picks curation

Having maintained bestseller status on Bluethumb for many years, she sees the value of hard work and the benefits of an online presence in fuelling her practice. “I started as a hobby artist as I fell back into my art after 20 years of being a graphic designer. Living in South Australia, I am limited to sales as we are a much smaller state than others. Thanks to Bluethumb, they have helped exhibit my art to collectors all over Australia and worldwide. These days, 90 percent of my art is sold to interstate collectors. Without Bluethumb, I wouldn’t be in the position I am today! So a big cheers to their amazing team who work so hard in being Australia’s number one online art gallery!”

Taking a sneak peek inside Miranda’s studio is like taking a walk in Australia’s flora and fauna!

Looking at how Miranda’s journey has unfolded, it only seems natural that Miranda would continue to explore her artistic direction. “I look forward to continuing to develop my style, getting out of my comfort zone and experimenting more. I’m currently juggling a 10-month old and 3-year old; once they get a little older, I’d love to exhibit my work more within South Australia and interstate. The funny thing is that my art has really accelerated in demand and sales since having kids. They brought me good luck!” She jokes. “Past projects have allowed my work to be featured on wine labels, government publications and state exhibitions. In the future, I’d definitely be open to other opportunities like this.”

Shop Miranda’s work to bring the beauty of the Australian landscape into your own home.

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