Artist Picks: Miranda Lloyd

I love that art is truly in the eye of the beholder - I find pieces can seem to change over time as different aspects, exposures, environments and emotions can evoke a different feeling; it's what makes art so alive - always catering to different personalities, opinions and tastes and fostering discussion of what it seems, not what it is! . I am drawn to everything blue, which I know stems from my love of water as a child and continues today. I'm very attached to how calming it can be, and yet it can also impart both a cool happy holiday fun vibe or a dark, deep and moody feel. Colours that contrast or complement the blues never go amiss either! Finally, detailed florals and particularly Australian natives are also both a passion and an inspiration, along with impressionism, abstracts and modern realism. . I really hope you enjoy the selection of artworks below from incredible artists that not only are based on my personal loves that really pull me in, but also may be a reflection of how I was feeling in the moment, forever inspired by the multitude of exceptional works around.

Curated by Miranda Lloyd

95.5cm (W) x 64.5cm (H)


80cm (W) x 65cm (H)


107cm (W) x 107cm (H)


120cm (W) x 70cm (H)


152cm (W) x 50cm (H)


109cm (W) x 109cm (H)


29cm (W) x 42cm (H)

Mixed Media

102cm (W) x 102cm (H)


About the Curator

Miranda Lloyd

Award winning artist Miranda Lloyd expresses her connection with her natural surroundings. Her enthusiasm to paint comes from her own backyard‚ living in the foothills‚ wishing to bring the “Outside‚ Inside”; whist complimenting her modern lifestyle. Also a surfer many of her artworks reflect the ocean. Miranda’s paintings exaggerate natures lines‚ shapes and colours‚ creating a modern, abstract, impressionism and contemporary style.

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