The Tattoo- Be a Piece of Art


Not only is the Tattoo an art form, it’s one of humanities most ancient art forms and methods of self expression. The ‘Tatau’ otherwise known as the ‘Tattoo’, originated in the Pacific Islands and dates back to the 18th century. The Samoans created bone needles to embed ink deep into the skin. Taking part in an ancient ritual that changes your body forever, you become a walking piece of art.


So the tattoo in the western world began as a rebellion. Those who ventured as far as the Pacific Islands and chose to stay adopted the tattoo. Quickly the art form became associated with sailors, gang members and circus performers. Now the tattoo is more socially acceptable than ever and i’d even go as far as to say it’s a mainstream cultural force. Tattoo artists are becoming extremely creative and style is evolving rapidly.

A relatively new style is the watercolour tattoo. Tattoo artists have mastered the needle to the point of making the piece look like it’s been painted on with a brush.


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Tattoo by Princess Tattoo Silvia in Forlì, Italy.


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Incredible detail is now being achieved. This tattoo is MC Escher inspired, and AMAZING.


Found on Deviant Art blog


Escher inspired tattoo by Beautiful Freak Tattoo

3D tattoo’s are emerging and trending at the moment, illusional artists are learning how to yield the needle.


By Brazilian Artist Tania Maia


Found on Tattoo’s Time blog

From a delicate rose on one wrist to turning your whole body into a piece of art. The tattoo is here to stay, be it on our own bodies or on bodies of people we know the art form has earn’t a permanent place in our lives.


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