You don’t need a physical gallery to soak up an art series

Now, we love the glorious white walls of a physical art gallery as much as you do. There’s nothing like seeing a whole, stunning, cohesive body of work from one artist. But can you visit an art gallery at 10pm, while you are wearing your trackies, sipping your favourite whisky, and watching Rake?

Well, yes. It’s not going to be the NGV, though. It’ll be the virtual walls of Bluethumb, where you can peruse an art series by such master artists as John Graham, whose series on Gouldian Finches you can experience at home, anywhere in Australia.

Gouldian Flock by John Graham

oil paint on stretched canvas
2.0cm (D) x 60.0cm (H) x 75.0cm (W)
Buy it now for $980

John Graham’s Gouldian Finch art series

Like what you see? Other Bluethumb artists showcasing beautiful, in depth explorations of a single theme or idea include John Moran, Sally Hollis, Rhys Parkinson, Leon Loreaux and many more. Sally Hollis’ Botanic Gardens series is so affordable, you could buy more than one and arrange them on your walls as a diptych or triptych.

Sally Hollis’ Botanic Gardens series

Buy art by Sally Hollis

Acrylic/oil on canvas
Various sizes
Buy one now from just $140

Tim Andrew’s Infinite Kittens is another popular (and adorable) series to adorn your walls. Choose from blue, purple, bronze, or multi-coloured kittens!

Infinite Kittens Blue and Light Blue by Tim Andrew

Screen Print on brilliant white 297 x 210mm (A4) 200gsm paper.
0.2cm (D) x 29.0cm (H) x 21.0cm (W)
Buy it now for $125

P.S. Cheer up your walls

Bluethumb customer Catherine sent us this photo of the artwork she bought recently, which is now hanging on her walls in Annandale. She said the artwork, Sounds of Eruptions by Ruby Jackson, “brightens up the dreariest coloured rental property walls imaginable! Love it.”

Got a photo of the artwork you bought recently? Email it to us!

Untitled Abstract II by Alexandra Palombi
Art sale – Alexandra Palombi

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