Bluethumb Team’s 2023 Xmas Wishlist

The holiday spirit is upon us, and Christmas is approaching. ‘Tis the season of gift-giving once again! At Bluethumb, our team has gathered their favourite artworks to inspire your Christmas gift choices. Continue reading to discover the Bluethumb team’s 2023 Christmas wishlist.

Amy: The Kettle Black by Charlotte-Aimee Smith

Charlotte-Aimee is a New Zealand-born artist whose oil paintings are characterised by an interest in the everyday. She works from photographs and observational sketches to create a narrative of place and specific moments. Charlotte-Aimee only recently signed up to Bluethumb. Shop her portfolio of original artworks or request a commission online today.

The Kettle Black by Charlotte-Aimee Smith is available to purchase online.

Alexandra: Floral Reflections: Elegance in Bloom by Yifei Xia

Born in Gansu to a family of artists, Yifei Xia’s journey into art began at an early age, influenced by his parents’ deep connection with Chinese traditional painting. He aims to communicate a sense of simplicity and serenity by distilling his subjects into their essential elements; he invites viewers to contemplate the inherent value of ordinary objects.

Floral Reflections: Elegance in Bloom by Yifei Xia. Explore and shop Yifei’s portfolio of serene canvases this Christmas.

Conor: Warlukurlangu Jukurrpa by Vanetta Nampijinpa Hudson

Vanetta Nampijinpa Hudson is a Warlukurlangu Artist. She paints her father’s Warlukurlangu Jukurrpa (Fire Dreaming), stories that relate directly to her land, its features and the plants and animals that inhabit it. These stories were passed down to her by her father and his father before him for millennia. She uses pattern and colour to develop a modern interpretation of her traditional culture.

Warlukurlangu Jukurrpa by Vanetta Nampijinpa Hudson is available online and in Bluethumb’s Adelaide-based gallery today!

Christina: No Gas by Greg Mount

Greg Mount is a Melbourne-based artist specialising in photography and abstract acrylic paintings of items, places and people that inspire and delight. “I create those images to show their beauty, and that is delivered in a strong graphic nature, be it through colour or composition. I hope they engage you, delight you, calm you or entertain you,” says Greg.

Shop No Gas and more original artworks by Greg Mount online today!

Eden: Minyma Tjukurrpa by Sheryth Bronson

Sheryth Bronson is an Indigenous Artist from Kaltukatjara (Docker River). Sheryth paints important Tjukurpa (Dreaming) from around the Docker River area, particularly Kunga Kutjara and the dreaming of Kungkarangkaloa (Seven Sisters), known across the Australian continent. She enjoys living in Docker River, surrounded by many generations of her family.

Minyma Tjukurrpa by Sheryth Bronson is available to purchase online and in Bluethumb’s Adelaide-based gallery today!

Alex: I Wish I Was Here by Matteo Bernasconi

Morphing from figurative to abstraction, Matteo Bernasconi’s work is dynamic and engages the audience on different philosophical levels. His latest work investigates human conditions, focusing on unveiling something unseen beneath the surface, describing the hidden depths of humans rather than just their physical appearance. He likes to expose what the subject is, not only who the subject is.

Shop Matteo Bernasconi’s portfolio of original artwork online this Christmas.

Stephen: XXXX by Aylee Kim

Aylee Kim is a Brisbane-based artist with a bright, colour-filled palette. Aylee’s oil paintings often feature structured linework and shapes. The colour-blocking technique Aylee applies in many of her artworks has a quality similar to the suburbia scenes created by the late internationally acclaimed Australian artist Howard Arkley. 

Shop XXXX and other artworks by Aylee Kim online.

Dom: Afternoon Sun by Maxim Chikanchi

Maxim Chikanchi is a University of the Arts London graduate and has been creating visual art for the last 14 years. His murals, installations and artworks have been exhibited worldwide and in his hometown of Brisbane. Maxim’s artistic style is figurative, employing collage elements to convey a narrative of his experience and the world around him.

Shop Afternoon Sun and explore Maxim Chikanchi’s portfolio online!

George: Pirlarla Jukurrpa by Peggy Napurrurla Granites

Peggy Napurrurla Granites is an Indigenous Artist based in Yuendumu, a remote Aboriginal community 290 km north-west of Alice Springs. Peggy learned to paint by watching her mother and began painting with Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation, an Aboriginal-owned and governed art centre, in 1998. She paints her father’s Pirlarla Jukurrpa (Dogwood Tree Bean Dreaming) stories.

Pirlarla Jukurrpa by Peggy Napurrurla Granites is available online and in Bluethumb’s Adelaide-based gallery today!

Rachel: Summer Lunches by Sally Dunbar

A finalist in the Bluethumb Art Prize two years in a row, Sally Dunbar is a mixed-media extraordinaire. Her playful animals and bright, patterned backgrounds add a touch of colour and playfulness to any wall. Having graduated from the ANU School of Art, majoring in Print Media and Drawing in 2002, Sally has developed a distinct style that collectors love.

Shop Summer Lunches and more by Sally Dunbar online!

Sarah: Lady of the Lake by Colleen Stapleton

Colleen Stapleton is a contemporary realist artist focusing on the figure, portraiture, and still life. With a passion for figurative oil painting, she paints to depict the beauty and complexity of life, objects and scenes. Give your friends and family a present that will last a lifetime this Christmas. Colleen’s work has an ethereal, timeless quality that captures the hearts of avid collectors and art lovers alike!

Shop Lady of the Lake by Colleen Stapleton online.

Kate: On This Occasion by Reeva Ashton

Reeva Ashton is an emerging Artist living and working in the Greater Melbourne region. Her artistic practice incorporates an early childhood interest in Photography and Graphic Design with her love for the painted medium. Complex and contradictory, her work explores the dynamic interplay between realism and abstraction in a harmonious composition. Reeva was named a Bluethumb Art Prize 2023 Finalist.

On This Occasion, by Reeva Ashton, is available online and in Bluethumb’s Richmond, Melbourne-based gallery.

Amelia: The Goldern Path by Brad Holland

Brad Holland is an award-winning artist living in Adelaide, South Australia. His signature geometric artworks are inspired by 1970s and 1980s computer graphics, sci-fi visual effects, optical illusions, and pop culture. Originally a skilled figurative painter, Holland now utilises masking tape and hard edge techniques as a direct response to overcome the shaking in his hands due to a degenerative condition known as essential tremor.

Shop original art by Brad Holland, the Bluethumb Art Prize 2022 Founders’ Award winner.

Julian: Night Light by Sara Roberts

Sara Roberts is a contemporary painter based in Shoalhaven Heads, NSW. She is known for her unique approach to capturing the essence of thoughts, emotions, and responses to the world on canvas. Sarah recently won the Bluethumb Art Prize 2023 Landscape Category Award. Her textured works serve as a visual record of her lived experience, revealing her attempts to understand and make sense of the space she inhabits.

Shop original art by award-winning artist Sarah Roberts online today!

Don’t leave your gifting to the last minute! Shop original art during the Blue Friday sale and save up to 15% off. Need inspiration? Discover the Bluethumb team’s full Christmas wishlist. 

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