5 Reasons Art Makes the Perfect Wedding Gift

As the sun starts to come out again, it can only mean one thing – wedding season is upon us! With the warmer seasons being a particularly popular choice for brides, it’s time to get your fancy garments out and put your dancing shoes on for a few weekends of merriment, joy and love. But with this season of parties comes the age-old struggle: what is the best wedding gift for the happy couple? Chances are they have a registry, but it’s much more fun to think outside the box and choose something truly spectacular, like an artwork.

Below, discover 5 reasons why an artwork makes the perfect wedding gift. From being the ultimate in personalised gifting, to outliving all the other items on the registry, an artwork will be the background to all the joyful moments to come in the newlyweds’ lives.

1. There’s an artwork for every wedding gift budget

Not everyone can spend the big bucks on a wedding gift, especially when you’re not particularly close to the bride and groom. For an occasion that is (hopefully) a once in a lifetime event for those involved, it’s generally recommended to start at a minimum cost of $50 and increase your budget according to how well you know the couple. Of course, this is all relative to your budget in general, and your best friend won’t hold it against you if you can’t spend hundreds on their big day.

Artworks come in all shapes and sizes, which means there’s something for every price point. From affordable prints and small drawings to large abstracts, you’re spoilt for choice. And if you really can’t decide on a piece that fits your budget and the happy couple’s taste, then why not consider giving them the gift of choice with an art voucher? You can cover part or all of the cost of an artwork (the value is totally up to you!) and allow the couple to select a piece that really speaks to their life together.

2. Art is both a meaningful and practical wedding gift

There are two types of gifts that couples commonly receive after their wedding – practical ones for the home, such as kitchenware, towels and servingware, or meaningful ones that are more about the memories. But why not give something that’s a little of both?

Art is the perfect marriage of practical and meaningful – after all, it helps them make their home that little bit more personal and also decorates the space with beauty and emotion.

3. Art is personal

Anyone can buy a KitchenAid mixer, but it takes real thought and effort to find an artwork that matches perfectly with the couple. Go the extra mile with your gift and commission a piece just for them for the ultimate in unique gifting. Even with a small budget, this amount of effort will surely top Aunty Sue’s ultra-expensive kitchenware any day.

Generally speaking, it’s good etiquette to give your wedding gift to the couple within 2 months of the ceremony. So while commissioning a bespoke artwork may seem like a beautiful idea, it does mean you need to be extra organised. Think about the gift well before the wedding to give yourself time to discuss what you’re after with the artist and time for the piece to be created. Do your research and pick an artist whose style is perfect for the couple.

Luckily, Bluethumb uses couriers to give you fast shipping and you’ll receive your artwork straight from the artist within 14 days. So as long as you don’t forget how much time has passed after the ceremony, we’ve got your back! And if for some reason the couple aren’t as overjoyed as you’d hoped, we offer free returns, no questions asked.

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4. It’s the perfect group gift

Galah Lovers by Rebecca Hill. Original paintings for sale on Bluethumb, the home of Australian art.

Did you know galahs mate for life? They’re the perfect pair for starting a lifetime together. Galah Lovers by Rebecca Hill.

Band together with friends for an extra special (and extra pricey) gift, such as this beautiful pair of galahs by Rebecca Hill. Don’t let four digit price tags scare you off – the more the merrier! The happy newlyweds will appreciate the organisation and extra thought that goes into getting something outside the normal selection. Chances are the couple wouldn’t be able to get something so fabulous on their own anyway – so you’ll really knock their socks off!

5. They’ll treasure it forever

It’s the gift that will last a lifetime. While the toaster will break and that beautiful on trend crockery will soon look dated, artworks are cherished forever. They’ll adorn the walls of their marital home as their lives continue to progress. In front of your wedding gift they’ll share meals together, dance together, laugh together. Their kids will grow up looking at your gift. We’d say that’s pretty much the ultimate win in gifting!

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Rural Comms by Alex Frayne. Fine art photography for sale on Bluethumb, the home of Australian artists
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