How To Commission an Artwork

The heart wants what it wants. Sometimes, what it wants has sold or doesn’t fit the desired space. Or maybe the perfect piece by that particular artist doesn’t even exist yet! It’s a tough dilemma, but luckily one that’s easily remedied. We’ve demystified the commission process. Read on to discover how to commission an artwork.

Sally Browne

Sally Browne is a queen of commissions! With an awe-inspiring portfolio of commissioned paintings, Sally is happy to commission an artwork tailored to what you’re after.

Step 1: Ask the Artist

Click the ‘Ask About A Commission’ button on an artist’s profile to enquire. This is your chance to say what you want; perhaps you have a size, style or colour preference or like the work to feature something or someone you love. The more information you give the artist, the easier it is to make a piece that meets your expectations!

Commission an artwork today and make memories last a lifetime.

Step 2: Get a Quote

The artist will then generate a quote and estimate the timeframe to create your custom artwork. Usually, if an artist replicates a piece already sold, the price will be similar. However, you should expect a different price if you’re after a larger or more complex work.

commission an artwork

Ben Tankard’s Unpopular Penguin series is a very popular commission choice.

Step 3: Pay the Deposit

Once you’re happy with the quote provided, you can seal the deal by putting down a 30% non-refundable deposit. This deposit covers the artist’s cost of materials and time in the initial stages of the commission. Once paid, the artist will go ahead with creating your piece! A trouble-free and popular way of putting down a deposit is to purchase a gift voucher for 30% of the final quote.

commission an artwork

Liliana Gigovic gets stuck into her next commissioned piece! We can’t wait to see how this one turns out.

Step 4: Track the Progress & Make Changes

The artist is working hard in their studio to create your new artwork. As the piece approaches completion, they’ll share progress photos so you can advise of any changes you’d like to make. This is your chance to speak up and ensure your vision is coming to life. Sometimes changes aren’t necessary, but occasionally you want to make minor amendments to colour or texture. The artist will take your changes onboard, and the final piece will soon be ready to ship and display.

commissioning an artwork

Kirsty McIntyre shows us the process of creating a portrait from a reference photo.

Step 5: Completion, Final Payment & Shipping

Finally, your artwork is finished and ready to be shipped! At this point, you’ll pay the final amount, and the painting will be sent to you via courier. On arrival, hang the piece in its final destination, sit back and marvel at its beauty. If it’s not ‘the one’, rest easy! You can still send it back, free of hassle, with our 7-day returns policy, less your initial deposit to cover the artist’s time to create the artwork.

It’s easy to commission an artist to create your dream piece! The possibilities are endless, from proposal and wedding day commemorations to cherished childhood portraits. Click the image above to explore a curation of art that celebrate life’s journey and Captures Memories Forever. 

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  1. I would like to commission a piece by Phil Herbison. We have been communicating about it. Total price is $500.

    Please let me know next steps.

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