How To Commission an Artwork

When you commission an artwork from your favourite, you get to help create your dream piece! The heart wants what it wants – and sometimes what it wants is already sold or doesn’t fit in the space. Or maybe the perfect piece for you by that particular artist doesn’t even exist yet! It’s a tough dilemma, but luckily one that’s easily solved. We’ve demystified the process from the moment you know what you want, to the final touch of hanging the canvas on the wall.

Sally Browne

Sally Browne is a queen of commissions! With a highly impressive portfolio of commissioned paintings, Sally is happy to commission an artwork tailored to what you’re after.

Want to buy an artwork that has already sold? While you may feel like you’ve missed out, we have some good news – you can commission one just as awesome! The easiest way is to go to the sold artwork listing and click the button that says “commission a similar painting”. Not every listing has this option, so if it’s not there, just click Artist Enquiry and fill out the form. Our friendly team will chat to you about your needs and interface with the artist to help you get the perfect piece created just for you. This is your chance to change things up – perhaps you’d prefer it a bit bigger or smaller, a different colour or featuring something or someone you love? No worries, just let us know, and we’ll get back to you with a quote and timeframe.

Amani Haydar

Some artists have artworks on their profile solely for commissioning purposes – take this one, Solidarity, by popular artist Amani Haydar.

So what’s the process for commissioning a work? Read on.

Step 1: Enquire to Commission an Artwork

Click on ‘Ask a question’ or ‘Commission an Artwork’ button on the page of the artwork and we have an initial chat to get key information for the commission. We want to get as much information as you can give us about the piece – size, colours, subject, style, even if there’s a timeframe you need it completed in. The more we know, the easier it is to make sure the piece is absolutely perfect for you – and no issues arise halfway through! If your mind isn’t 100% made up, we’re happy to talk through a range of options with you until you’re sure of what you want.

Office dog Tenia with headphones on

Tènia takes customer service very seriously and is always on hand (or should we say paw?)

Step 2: Quote & Pricing

We’ll get in touch with the artist for a quote and an estimate of the timeframe. Usually if an artist is replicating a piece already sold, then the price will be similar. However, if you’re going bigger or after a more complex piece, then you should expect to see a different price.

commission an artwork

Ben Tankard‘s Unpopular Penguin series are a very popular commission choice.

Step 3: Accepting the Commission Quote & Deposit

Once we’ve confirmed you’re happy with the quote provided, we’ll give the artist the go-ahead! To get started, we require a 30% non-refundable deposit – this covers the cost of the materials and time involved in the initial stages. You’d be surprised how expensive quality canvases can be!

commission an artwork

Liliana Gigovic gets stuck into her next commissioned piece! We can’t wait to see how this one turns out…

Step 4: Completing the Commission and Making Changes

The artist will be hard at work in their studio creating your new wall candy. As the piece approaches completion, they’ll share some photos with you so that you can advise of any changes you’d like. This is your chance to speak up and make sure your vision is being realised. Sometimes changes aren’t necessary, but sometimes you just wish that blue tone had a little more green in it – and that’s okay! The artist will take your changes onboard and soon the final piece will be ready for you to hang on your wall.

commissioning an artwork

From reference photo to portrait: Kirsty McIntyre shows us the process and skills that craft her work.

Step 5: Completion, Final Payment and Shipping

Finally! After being so patient and excited, your artwork is finished and ready to be shipped. At this point you’ll pay the final amount, and the painting will be sent to you via courier. This is our favourite step – just hang the piece, take a seat and breathe in the beautiful creation on your wall.

commission an artwork

Bluethumb’s in-house photographer Megan George can’t help but smile when she see this little guy by Tina Mose in her office!

Commission an Artwork Now!

Even with these commissioned pieces, our 7-day returns policy still stands. If it’s just not ‘the one’, rest easy – you can still send it back, free of hassle. Ready to get started? Send our awesome team an email to [email protected].

Did you know?

With the arrival of our direct inbox feature, it’s even easier for you to have your perfect piece crafted by contacting the artist directly at their studio. You can now discuss the details with the artist down to the last brushstroke! Bluethumb co-owner George Hartley recently had an artwork commissioned using our fresh direct messaging service. Click here to get the lowdown on this surprisingly simple process.

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