How To Buy Affordable Art

Buying art can be daunting, and often people put off starting their collection because of the perceived high cost. But you don’t have to fork out massive amounts of money to begin because there are so many affordable options available. Continue reading to learn the top 3 tips for purchasing affordable art. You can also check out our guide on how to buy art online here.

1. Set a Budget

Making a large purchase can be scary, but it’s always best to come ready with a set budget in mind. This doesn’t have to be concrete, but it’s smart to at least have a rough idea of a price point you want to stick to. This also means you’re able to apply filters and browse artwork around that particular price point. Once you begin your search for the perfect piece, you’ll quickly be able to gauge what options exist within your budget.

2. Visualise Where The Art Is Going

It’s best to know where the artwork is going before you start browsing. Artwork size is one of the most important factors you need to determine before you can even think about searching for artwork. If the piece you choose is too big for your space, then it will overpower it. And if it’s too small, then it may get lost in the space. You need to acknowledge the space the artwork will go into, taking note of any existing styles and colours around it. In short, if you choose an artwork before deciding where it will be displayed, then the chosen piece might not suit the space.

3. Talk To The Experts

Here at Bluethumb, we have our very own free art advisory service, which is there to guide you through the art-buying process to help you find that perfect piece. You can visit our galleries in Richmond, Victoria and Goodwood, South Australia, to view our current curations on display and talk to our Gallery Assistants. They can help you take the first step in buying your first piece of art.

Are you ready to start browsing now? The Melbourne Affordable Art Fair is about to start and is the perfect first stop for a new collector.

The Affordable Art Fair

Bluethumb is excited to return to the Melbourne Affordable Art Fair (AAF). Running across the globe since 1999, the AAF gathers artists and art buyers to celebrate art that is affordable for everyone.

As Melbourne already has a strong art community and a shared passion for creativity, this is an unmissable event for all art lovers! You can read more tips and tricks for buying art specifically from art fairs here. 

Visit our stall, chat with the Bluethumb team, and browse original and affordable artworks from popular Melbourne-based artists.

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  1. Jess Maybury says:

    As an interior designer and stylist, I am constantly on the lookout for art pieces for my clients. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate Australian artists featured here and I’ll be definitely keeping my eyes open for my project.

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