Natalie Mortimer: Mastering the Art of Editorial Vision

Enter for FREE: Bluethumb Art Prize 2023 submissions are now open! This week we caught up with Natalie Mortimer, Domain’s National Editor and one of this year’s art prize judges. Continue reading to discover how Natalie defines artistic excellence and what she’ll look for when judging the finalists.

As the National Editor of Domain, Natalie leads an editorial team that works across several publications, including Domain in the Sydney Morning Herald, Prestige in the Australian Financial Review, and Domain Review and Allhomes in the Canberra Times. She is accountable for crafting engaging content strategies, curating impactful stories, and maintaining editorial excellence.

Prestige in the Australian Financial Review is one of several magazines that Natalie helps produce.

Empowering First-Time Collectors

The most impactful art-related feature Natalie recalls working on was centred on how to buy art for your first home. “This piece was crafted to provide valuable guidance for individuals embarking on their art-buying journey, with the aim of simplifying the process, making art acquisition accessible and enjoyable, particularly for those entering the world of art collecting for the first time,” says Natalie.

The art world can often appear intimidating and closed-off to newcomers, a perception Bluethumb strives to dispel. According to Natalie, by simplifying intricate aspects of art collecting—such as diverse styles, artists, and pricing—the buying process is more inclusive for a broader audience. “Readers who may not have considered themselves art enthusiasts were inspired to engage with art in a meaningful way, thereby contributing to a more vibrant and diverse art-collecting community,” she said.

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Cultivating Expertise Through Immersion

Natalie regularly attends art exhibitions and actively engages with art-focused publications and online platforms. “This immersive approach allows me to identify emerging artists, innovative techniques, and evolving themes,” says Natalie. Her artistic knowledge informs and enriches the content featured in Domain’s magazines. Furthermore, as a judge for the Bluethumb art prize, her up-to-date understanding of art trends enables her to evaluate submissions discerningly. 

“I can recognise artworks that push boundaries and demonstrate artistic innovation. This ensures that the art prize remains relevant and continues to celebrate exceptional artistic achievements,” says Natalie. 

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Seeking Emotive Excellence

Soon, Natalie will join a panel of judges and determine the outcome of the most entered art prize in Australia. “Each artist brings a unique voice, style, and interpretation to the table, creating a dynamic tapestry of creativity,” says Natalie. “I’m excited to discover new talent; coming across artists who are pushing boundaries, experimenting with new mediums, or redefining established genres is a fun experience.”

When judging the finalist entries, Natalie says she will look for emotive artwork that brings unique stories and ideas to life. “I’m on the lookout for pieces that dare to be different, that talk about what’s going on in the world, and that give us new ways of thinking,” she says. “I’m hoping to find art that’s not only well-crafted but also has something extraordinary to share.”

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