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Interior designers the world over have been matching and blending visual art to houses, apartments and commercial properties for many years. Some people have their homes built around their art collections. There is always a match for your style of art to your style of house; this even applies to abstract art. One description for abstract art is it’s a style of art that uses form, line, shape, and colour to build a work of art, which may or may not represent a known or imaginary visual image.

An abstract art can be used to mirror or give emphasis to an area of your house or property. Say you wanted to liven up a water feature in your house, or add a visual reference to an aquarium, a work like Cold Seed by the Australian/New Zealand artist Pen Donovan as seen here, would add that mirroring of the water and sand colours to help bring out and expose this water feature.

In some cultures, an aquarium is considered to be lucky and can bring prosperity into a home.

Cold Seed by Pen DonavonFor business, a space for rest and chill out time can be essential to harmony and productivity for a work place. A water feature or aquarium combined with the right visual art, will get your employees in the right mode and tuned up for a day’s work.

An abstract art can blend into and highlight many areas of your home or business. Pot plants and flowers bring nature and a comforting feel into most homes and business. Many businesses have a daily selection of flowers in their foyers. You can add to the beauty and calming effect that plants and flowers bring by choosing the right type of artwork to go with them. Plants have their own abstract nature; there is an idea espoused by the 19th century French painter Edouard Manet that, ”there are no lines in nature.” Looking at the stems of plants and the trunks of trees, we know this idea simply isn’t right.

An abstract artwork such as the one below, Looking for Light by Charlotte Wensley can help to add a relative feel to a bunch of blooming flowers.

Looking for Light, by Charlotte WensleyAlternatively, as an accompaniment to a potted plant, or a small house shrub. The possibilities are endless when looking to match houseplants and flowers to abstract art, which can extend the visual ideas of any internal area.

Abstract art can be frightening, and confrontational. Abstract art can be soothing and comforting. All forms of art will add a new dimension to your home or business.

The thing about abstract art, it always starts a conversation, it gets people involved and interested. Buying an artwork will be a personal choice; it will be something that adds a freshness to where you live or work. An abstract artwork can help bring out your individuality.

Article by Rob Kennedy

Feng Shui, Visual Art, and Interior Design

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